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Russian Lips Masterclass

We are so excited to share good news with you – a new Russian Lips Technique masterclass has been added to the list of our courses. You asked about it and we could not leave it unattended.

Please note, only experienced estheticians who have completed the Foundations in Dermal Fillers course and have VTCT Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology can sign up for training. The program is intensive but very informative and interactive. Our master Agne is very experienced and has already made thousands of customers happy. You can learn a lot of interesting “tricks” from her.

You can sign up for a masterclass by calling on +447404783116 or by writing to us at

The next one will be on 4 December 2022. Sign up now. Limited spaces.

„A smile costs less electricity, but gives the same amount of light.”

Henri Antoine Grouet (Abbé Pierre)

Try on the characher of a magical fairy and equip your Cinderellas with chic lips to smile!


How to choose where to study beauty?

A beautician is a professional who eliminates skin imperfections and makes people more beautiful and self-confident. Many women want to master this specialty, but do not know where it is better to go to study to be a cosmetologist.

After all, the quality of education directly depends on whether you become a successful in-demand cosmetologist or waste your time and money.

In search of a suitable school of cosmetology, future students go to the Internet and simply drown in the flow of information. There are hundreds of educational institutions in London that offer beauty courses. And each claims that they have the best teachers, great programs and the best prices.

Where can I study Beauty?

There are three options where you can study Beauty these days:

  1. Bachelor Degree in Beauty (Full-time 3 years long course)



  1. Government Courses (1 year course)



  1. Private Beauty Academies (you can get all the necessary beauty Levels within 2 months)



Beauty therapist: duration of study and choice of beauty courses – Moda Donna PMU & Academy

Beauty is an actively developing industry that annually attracts not only millions of clients, but also thousands of professionals who wish to start their careers in the beauty industry. That’s true, many of them have little idea of ​​what kind of professionals work in salons and beauty clinics.

To begin with, it is worth understanding that a beautician is a rather broad concept that has absorbed several professions at once, with different levels of training and areas of work. Thus, there can be a beautician-cosmetologist, aesthetician, nails technician, laser hair removal therapist and many more other options! The list of duties and responsibilities is determined by which education and what beauty level a beautician has completed.

An educational institution should have an educational license

By law, everyone who undertakes to teach and conduct certification must have an educational license. But not everyone follows the law. Someone claims that the license is in the process of obtaining; some educational institutions do not even think of acquiring official status. Quite a common option is when the school works under an agreement with another educational institution, which has everything in order with the license. This scheme is completely legal. But keep in mind that you will receive a diploma on behalf of another educational institution.

Information about the license should be available upon your request from the management. Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy is a government-approved college and meets all the requirements to teach student. Thus, we are VTCT, ABT and CPD accredited college which gives us an opportunity to teach the variety of beauty courses.

Academy location

It is clear that the most convenient location is that which is closer to home or work place. But you cannot please everyone in this matter, so larger centres are trying to be located closer to the center, preferably within 1-2 zones. When examining the location of the school, also try to find out how long it has been at the specified address. There have been cases when the school shows one room to the student, and classes end up being held in some cramped room in an inconvenient area.

Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy is located in the heart of Canary Wharf area. There are good transport links and students can walk to us within 3 minutes after exiting the station. The closest stations are South Quay DLR (3 mins walk) and Canary Wharf Station Jubilee Line (10 mins walk).

Quality of Tutors

It is important to know who is going to teach you and what qualifications they obtain themselves? 

Good indications are that the teachers have CIDESCO or VTCT qualifications. Also, it is important if someone you learn from, has years of the experience in the industry themselves. Make sure you ask questions like that while visiting the academy.


This parameter can be the most informative, but at the same time confuse you. Pay attention to the number of reviews: large popular schools tend to have a lot of them. Read carefully about other students’ experiences so you know what to expect from the academy and if there is anything you like or do not like. You can check google reviews, Facebook reviews, instagram comments, etc. There are hundreds of possibilities to read about the academy you are going to attend.

Cost of education

It’s good when there is an opportunity to choose a place of study according to the level of education, and not its price. If the cost of training in the chosen institution is too high for you, ask the managers if there are discounts at some times of the year. For example, at Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy it is also possible to pay money in instalments. Perhaps it makes sense to postpone the start of your studies a little in order to accumulate the required amount. Remember, choosing a school with a truly high-quality education is critical to your entire professional life.

You will probably pay attention to the total price of the course without our advice, but divide this figure by the number of academic hours and compare the result with other offers. Many schools offer cheap courses, after which you will have to take another three or four specialised courses, which are also cheap. But when you add up the cost of all the “cheap” courses together, you’ll find that you paid more than the big expensive program at the leading school.

Is it difficult to open your own beauty salon in the UK?

If you have money, opening your own beauty salon in the UK is generally simple: you need to find premises and register a business, then take all the papers to the council of the relevant city. Another option is to stick to being self-employed and rent a room from already existing salon/clinic if you don’t want to spend time on all the legal staff.

To open even a small beauty parlor, you will need an impressive start-up capital. The money is needed to rent premises (from 800 to 2000 pounds per month), possibly repairs, as well as the purchase of equipment and materials. You will have to follow the finances in full – either independently or with the help of an accountant (who also costs money): because of the mess in the reports, the tax office can either fine the hapless cosmetologist or even close the company altogether. But the main advice that Moda Donna can give to novice cosmetologists in the UK is this: to be always in a good mood! “People feel it and react to it. For example, clients find us themselves, then they bring their acquaintances. At the end, you might not need any special advertising, and when you have enough clients, sometimes you will have to refuse new ones, ” the director of Moda Donna Beauty Clinics & Academy shares his experience.

If you have any further questions regarding becoming a professional beauty therapist, or simply do not know here to start, you can also get in touch with our friendly team by calling on ☎ +44 7404 783 116  or sending an email request on

We look forward to seeing you at Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy!

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What Our Clients Say


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Olga is the most inspiring teacher I've ever had and the most charismatic and charming person I've met from this high rank. I can talk a lot about her and her team but now I just would like to thank all of them from the bottom of my heart and soul, for the warm welcome, for the endless sea of knowledge they revealed to me and the touching sending they testified too!THANK YOU OLGA and Olga's team!
Wave Your Way
Wave Your Way
14:46 30 Apr 23
I can’t recommend Olga herself and Moda Donna PMU &Beauty Academy’s staff enough. I loved the atmosphere, the communication was great and how helpful everyone is there. Olga is the A-star trainer, very professional, has a big experience in the industry and someone you can trust to. Thank you for everything you’ve done!
Deniza Ocakbeyi
Deniza Ocakbeyi
09:18 02 Feb 23
Happy with my training and my teacher. I went to another academy to do my level 2, but it was quite far for me to travel, so I found about Moda Donna and signed up for level 4. I didn’t expect anything, I just needed the certificate, but they really surprised me. Unlike other academies, they really take care of their customer service and looking after clients. The teacher actually wanted to share her knowledge and helped as much as possible so I can pass my exams successfully. I’ve also booked laser tattoo removal training, as it’s another popular treatment I can suggest to my clients. Can’t thank enough!
Оксана Тарасенко
Оксана Тарасенко
15:26 11 Oct 22
I am very happy with that place, everything was perfect from the beginning until the end🥰 I am finishing my studies today, I even feel a little bit sad that that interesting journey is now behind. 🙁What I liked the most are the location (I’ve never been to Canary Wharf before 🏙, it was so exciting to travel to that business district every week), facilities, how nice and tidy it felt to be there. People who work in there are very kind-hearted and responsive❤️ Every enquiry was dealt properly. My teacher Karina was very very professional, I enjoyed studying with her 🥰
Olena Bayrachna
Olena Bayrachna
12:45 07 Jul 22
I’d like to express gratitude to Moda Donna PMU and Beauty Academy and their team. Very professional at every level. My friend has recommended me that college when I have mentioned I am thinking of changing my life, as she heard good reviews about them. I never regretted of coming! I am now a qualified laser therapist with a good diploma. As much as I know, VTCT is one of the best qualifications you get. I would definitely recommend them.
liudmyla saukh
liudmyla saukh
11:20 07 Jul 22
What a beautiful experience, that started 2 years plus when I’ve first met Olga . I felt in love with everything she does , and decided to do Semipermanent Make Up course . There is allot I could say and all very positive. She teaches and shares her knowledge with warm heart and care for each student . She gives you comfort , supports your journey and encourage you to believe in yourself and go out there after your goals . It takes time to built anything , but when you have a strong foundation everything becomes a puzzle. She is the best of the best , from knowledge, professionalism and everything she offers . Many thanks Olga and I wish lots of students to start your journey with you . You are gold heart ❤️. Angelica C xx
Angel Therapies
Angel Therapies
20:03 22 Jun 22
Great place, great environment, always good vibe. Olga just amazing, great teaching skills. Awesome person, the same like her team. I just loved it ❤️ I will see them soon. I recommend highly Olga🔝
Mihaella Mihaela
Mihaella Mihaela
18:28 22 Jun 22
I have now done 2 training courses with Olga over the past 2 years and even booked in for my own treatment. I found Olga and booked with her firstly because I absolutely loved her work it’s stunning, then when you meet her in person she is just a beautiful person, so kind and knowledgeable and she absolutely knows her stuff. She shares all her years of knowledge, tips and tricks and gives you the confidence to work by yourself. She’s always given me support after my courses and answered any questions I’ve had even months after!I now recommend her to anyone interested in a career in PMU.Thanks again Olga ❤️
Bianca Jae
Bianca Jae
17:13 22 Jun 22
I LOVE THIS COLLEGE!💙 Everyone is very friendly and nice, all the girls are energetic and willing to help. I liked that it was a short course but we learned all the essentials. From the first lesson we started to practice, we had half day theory and half day practice. I was very lucky to study in my group as we became very close during the course and I am happy to get new friends. I recommend you this college if you’re looking to study beauty courses. Can’t wait for my aesthetic mastreclasses as well as it’s what I always wanted to do. 💙
Мария Мария
Мария Мария
13:21 18 Jun 22
Great college with reasonable prices. Thank you to my teacher, Debbie for your kindness and support through out my studying process. I really enjoyed every lesson I have attended, it was very interesting and not waste of money at all.I dreamt of studying beauty for a long time, but I thought it takes ages, so I was scared of loosing too much time. However, I did not know there are places like moda donna where you can get the right certificate (that will be good for the insurance) in like 2 months. I recommend this beauty college.
Alyona Dushyna
Alyona Dushyna
12:45 18 Jun 22
I went to get laser hair removal here, and after just one session the difference is amazing. I see Greta, she is so friendly and professional and puts me at ease. I've recommended this place to my friends already.
Vicky Holden
Vicky Holden
12:02 14 Jun 22
Olga is an amazing teacher!! I did powder brows training with her in 2019 then I just returned to do a 2 day lip training course. I’ve worked in the industry for many years but was struggling with my technique and the client having pigment retention. Olga immediately corrected my errors and I have come away feeling confident going forward. It’s so important to always invest in keeping your skills up to date. When you work alone it’s easy to fall into bad habits. The venue is in a good location easy to get to.Olga is so helpful, you feel you have her complete attention and guidance. Thank you Olga xxxx
Mandy May
Mandy May
11:22 05 Jun 22
Best experience with Olga and her team. She’s definitely a professional with great teaching experience and loads of help from her girls. Would definitely recommend 🥰
Анна Бессонова
Анна Бессонова
16:11 11 May 22
I had 2 courses with Olga and she was the best teacher I could have, she had an amazing techniques we could learn. I highly recommend her academy, lovely atmosphere 👍❤️‍🔥
Marine Hambardzumyan
Marine Hambardzumyan
21:35 10 May 22
I did the permanent makeup course here and it was amazing!!! Olga is such a patient teacher who is no doubt a master at her craft. All the staff here were so thorough with assisting Olga to teach us. I didn’t feel rushed at any point whilst learning these skills. I would definitely recommend taking the lip blush and ombré brow course. I’ll definitely be back for the hairstyle masterclass. Thank you Moda Dona academy.Brow lala
L Sim
L Sim
17:19 06 May 22
I’m so pleased I found Olga’s Academy. The training was incredible and I feel confident and ready to start my new PMU business adventure. Thanks to all the team at Moda Donna for being patient, informative and encouraging. I have also made some friends for life with the other ladies on the course thanks to Olga for bringing like minded people together ⭐️👸🏻👏🏼❤️
Candice Tompkins
Candice Tompkins
14:17 19 Mar 22
I have an amazing time from start to finish,Olga and her team is absolutely amazing. Everything is 5 star experience. Also our free Pmu kit is an absolute high standard quality branded pigment & rotary machine, books. Normally when you have FREE stuff you don’t expect quality but this one is exceptional.Hats off to the gorgeous team of Moda Donna pmu & beauty academy
Norevel Benville
Norevel Benville
22:21 18 Mar 22
Mesotherapy masterclass with Flora was very very informative. So professional teacher that clearly knows a lot about beauty. It was a 1-day masterclass, however it felt much longer, considering how much we have managed to do during it! In the morning, we had theory and learned everything needed about the treatment. Later on, Flora has shown us the demo on the model. It was actually very useful (other academy I went to didn’t do it unfortunately). It was nice to see the whole procedure before practicing myself, as at least, I saw how it works and what is the technique. We practiced on latex and in the afternoon, our own models arrived. (Bonus, we didn’t have to search for models ourselves as everywhere else!). I am happy with my own performance and with Moda Donna in general. Can’t recommend them enough. I will be back for more courses.
Migle Z
Migle Z
13:36 23 Feb 22
The kind and warm atmosphere felt during training thanks to an excellent teacher and a wonderful person - Flora. They had an understandable presentation of the material, an individual approach to each student, responsiveness to any problem and the willingness to immediately approach, show, tell, help - all this made it possible to fully absorb new information, gain practical skills, and create a pleasant emotional atmosphere, just like at home. Thank you so much for yourprofessionalism, skill and sincerity!P.S. Bio Peel is the best add on to your portfolio treatment! My clients are amazed.
Gail Castagnetti
Gail Castagnetti
15:06 22 Feb 22
Very pleased with the level of education received.!😍😘 Karina was my tutor who has lead me from the beginning to the end. I have learned lots of information and we also practiced laser and ill on each other and models. It might seem hard at the beginning, but if you are consistent at learning, you will end up passing an exam. 😍Thank you to the management and the nice people who work in there. I couldn’t be more happier with that positive vibe around me.Good teachers. Beautiful academy. VTCT certificates.Thank you!!😘
Anna A
Anna A
13:18 22 Feb 22
It was my first PMU course. I wasn’t sure what to expect however this has been a wonderful experience. Olga and the rest of the team ( her assistants) were extremely helpful. They were super professional but at the same time warm and relaxed which made me feel at ease. All questions were attend to , more tutoring , help was available. A lot of support during training sessions and also after. Very clear instructions , detailed information , personal advise , future professional recommendations etc My expectations where absolutely met. I would use this beauty academy again and I would recommend to others. Thanks again
Kristine Schmitt
Kristine Schmitt
22:27 16 Feb 22
Thank you for a great course. Thank you Olga Mankovskaia and the team for a really enjoyable and informative course." "This has more than met my expectations." "A wonderfully practical course - both personally and professionally.
Antonela Timofte
Antonela Timofte
20:25 16 Feb 22
I would like to say thank you to Olga and all members of the team. The school gave me a good start to my career. You learn not only how to use a machine and do pmu, Olga teaches you how to start your business, how to take good photos, how to talk to your client, how to promote yourself. She gives you lots of honest and up to date information. She supports her students even after courses. She always finds time for everyone.  I am looking forward to seeing all of them again and definitely will do courses for professional development.
12:24 10 Jan 22
I would like to say a huge thank you to Olga for her amazing work. I’ve had my lips done, permanent makeup, and it looks absolutely perfect. So natural that you could never tell that there is a PM on, and also it’s worth to mention that the treatment was painless.I really enjoyed the experience and will be definitely coming again!
Agata Losa
Agata Losa
18:30 09 Jan 22
I want to say big thanks to Olga Mankovskaia ❤️and all members of Moda Donna Beauty Academy team for the PMU course which I attended last year. Olga is a very passionate and talented teacher. She is a true master of PMU. She makes sure that each student reaches their full potential during the course. She is a very friendly and easy going person. I am very happy that I attended the course as this helped me massively advance my career in beauty.
Luiza Ibragimova
Luiza Ibragimova
18:27 06 Jan 22
I had my permanent make up course done with Olga Mankovskaia​​ and I couldn’t have a better trainer! I had no background in the industry and her teaching technique was amazing, such a patient and warm person, she helps you in everything and doesn’t let you leave until you fully understand everything. I complete the course and had clients straight after, she gave me the confidence and I am so pleased to have her on my journey even if the course ended. You can always go back to her for advices and feedback which these days this thing is rare. Highly recommend her and her team! They all so good! 👌🏼❤️
Catalina Molocea
Catalina Molocea
16:20 06 Jan 22
I saw Moda Donna in Instagram and decided to get in touch just to find out some more information. I went in to have a look around and bough the course the same week and I’ve never regretted about going there!What I really liked about the academy:-Nice staff-Small groups-Classrooms and equipments-They have their own study books we got as a present!I’ve paid less than other colleges were asking for the same courses, however I went to a few of them in and Moda Donna definitely stands out: clean reception, big classrooms and everyone seemed very nice and happy.I hope my review would help you to choose the right beauty college, but I can 100% recommend them to anyone.
Ayan Abdillahi
Ayan Abdillahi
16:03 05 Nov 21
I have taken the best courses ever! Want to say massive thank you to Olga, for your professional skills for your help and support during the course.You are very pleasant person to work with and explains well clearly. Fantastic, friendly atmosphere in the academy, everything well organised
Lana M.
Lana M.
12:21 26 Oct 21
I want to thank my tutor Debbie and the staff from Moda Donna. Debbie is an amazing tutor and was so helpful during my Level 2 in beauty. I strongly recommend the academy for anybody that wants to get new skills as a beautician. perroperra12 perroperra12
16:39 23 Oct 21
Today I am finishing VTCT Level 2 in Facial Massage and Skincare. As a celebration surprise, the school has prepared for us some drinks and snacks and also, they have set up a little photo area where we were taking pictures with my classmates and our teacher. I like how modern and creative they are, I felt that their customer service is just 10/10. The standards are high, I am happy I went there. I’ve bough an express level 2 & Level 3 course and thinking of also upgrading to level 4 after to also perform laser hair removal treatments in our salon. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Karolina Gaidukevic
Karolina Gaidukevic
15:21 23 Oct 21
The kind and warm atmosphere felt during training thanks to an excellent teacher and a wonderful person - Flora. They had an understandable presentation of the material, an individual approach to each student, responsiveness to any problem and the willingness to immediately approach, show, tell, help - all this made it possible to fully absorb new information, gain practical skills, and create a pleasant emotional atmosphere, just like at home. Thank you so much for yourprofessionalism, skill and sincerity!P.S. Bio Peel is the best add on to your portfolio treatment! My clients are amazed.
Nazar Trysh
Nazar Trysh
09:07 23 Oct 21
Best laser school! Finished vtct level 4 in laser hair removal and IPL. I was scared of starting something new from the beginning, but after talking to Irina on the phone, I have decided to try something new for myself.It is very pleasant to study here, they have a friendly atmosphere and an excellent teacher. We practiced everything on models, in general, we were amazed by such an amount of practice. The theory classes were very fun and enjoyable.
Zubeyde Demir
Zubeyde Demir
14:40 15 Oct 21
The best academy in London!I have started at this Academy with permanent makeup courses and after being very surprised with the level of teaching (Olga Mankovskaia is just the most wonderful teacher!) I also have booked my slots for microneedling and chemical peel masterclasses. I would really recommend Moda Donna for anyone who wants to expand their treatment lists and bring more clients in. I am self-employed myself and before, I only had Facial certificate and was working as a beautician with basic treatments. After graduating, my profit has already grown 1,5 times and I’ve just started to offer new treatments to my clients. Thank you Moda Donna for your kindness, professionalism and all the effort.
Jurate Paulauskiene
Jurate Paulauskiene
08:58 15 Oct 21
The kind and warm atmosphere felt during training thanks to an excellent teacher and a wonderful person - Flora. They had an understandable presentation of the material, an individual approach to each student, responsiveness to any problem and the willingness to immediately approach, show, tell, help - all this made it possible to fully absorb new information, gain practical skills, and create a pleasant emotional atmosphere, just like at home. Thank you so much for yourprofessionalism, skill and sincerity!P.S. Bio Peel is the best add on to your portfolio treatment! My clients are amazed.
Mokhira Sadibekova
Mokhira Sadibekova
14:42 14 Oct 21
The kind and warm atmosphere felt during training thanks to an excellent teacher and a wonderful person - Flora. They had an understandable presentation of the material, an individual approach to each student, responsiveness to any problem and the willingness to immediately approach, show, tell, help - all this made it possible to fully absorb new information, gain practical skills, and create a pleasant emotional atmosphere, just like at home. Thank you so much for yourprofessionalism, skill and sincerity!P.S. Bio Peel is the best add on to your portfolio treatment! My clients are amazed.
Aurelia Gridin
Aurelia Gridin
08:55 13 Oct 21
So far I’ve done VTCT L2 Facials, L3 Anatomy and Physiology and VTCT L3 in Electrical Facials. The courses were full of valuable information and the whole studying experience was very positive. My teacher’s name was Debby, she is so lovely. She helped me a lot and was very patient with our group. I’ve made new friends, enjoyed coming to the academy and most importantly, getting my insurance soon. Def recommending Moda Donna!!!
Jolita Šukeviciene
Jolita Šukeviciene
12:33 12 Oct 21
I was studying Level 2 Facial Skincare course in a different school before. However, after the second week I have left them as they were very unprofessional and unfair. After that unpleasant experience, I was googling on where else to go and found out about Moda Donna that is perfectly located close to my house. The closest station to the academy are Crossharbour and South Quay DLR, I am living 2 stations away so great location. The manager of the academy, Kristina, has done the full training and health and safety on the first day we arrived. We have started with studying theory one the first couple of weeks and then the teacher added some practical parts where we had to perform treatments on each other (new covid-19 rule to keep the same bubble within the classroom). I really preferred it this way as everyone was at the same level, studying and we got a facial ourselves every week which was also a little bonus:)They have parking, lunch room, coffees and all the kits (+uniform) and books. We could keep everything after. My favourite wad the uniform as I am now using hot as my work clothes, another bonus.Moda Donna Beauty Academy is a very good school if you are looking for the beauty education and quality for a good price.
Ica Popescu
Ica Popescu
12:31 12 Oct 21
I am happy to write this review after receiving my new DIPLOMA today 🥳🥳🥳I can finally start working as a laser hair removal specialist and on top of that, perform IPL Treatments 🤩I'm not going to lie - this is not a place where you go to and they just give you a diploma as long as you pay. They actually make you study hard and learn new things on a daily basis 🤗 I definitely prefer it that way!!Thank you to everyone - my teachers, the management team, my classmates! You made this experience unforgettable ❤❤❤
Christina Ankersen
Christina Ankersen
11:16 29 Jun 21
I would recommend this beauty academy to everyone who is looking for:best beauty education, international diploma, affordable price!!Apart from the amazing teachers and lovely staff, we had a nice cozy lunch room, free coffees and cupcakes, bunch of their own books, FREE UNIFORM GIFT, parking and much more!I have done L2 Facial Skincare, L3 Electrotherapy for Facials and have just prepaid for L4 in Laser and IPL that starts this June. They have an amazing range of courses and I only wish I'd have an unlimited free time to do all of them.Thank you Moda Donna and see you soon for Level 4 xx
Veronika Gronskaia
Veronika Gronskaia
15:16 28 Jun 21
I'm having amazing results with laser hair removal from session 1 ! Everyone is very friendly but a special thank you to Greta , the therapist selected for me , makes me feel at ease in every session !I also had a voucher purchased as a gift for my mum and the clinic always do a patch test or consultation before proceeding to any type of treatment and at the consultation they mentioned my mum didn't have the skin type reccomended for the treatment I purchased so they wouldn't guarantee any results and they actually suggested not to do it and the voucher was refunded . I really appreciated the honesty . Probably other clinics would have done it anyway even if no results after!
Catia Simoes
Catia Simoes
09:23 15 Jun 21
Very great academy, highly recommend! Very professional educators, we’ve put sufficient amount of time to study and practice! Very happy with the education I’ve received!
F Vasilyev
F Vasilyev
15:24 19 May 21
Professional academy with the best teachers! I've done Level 2 and Level 3 with Debbie and just finished Level 4 with Karina. I feel very thankful to their effort and bringing me to my goal. The next step is Aesthetics Course, I'm very very excited 😍
Mila Mihhailenko
Mila Mihhailenko
13:01 19 May 21
Moda Donna is one of the best academies with very high standards in literally everything. If you are looking for a proper beauty school with quite a range of courses, few well-equipped classrooms, good management system and also, in a very beautiful location - Moda Donna is the place to go to.I am satisfied with the standards and the level of teaching. It might seemed to be stricked, but you actually come out with strong knowledge!I highly recommend this academy to anyone, who is looking for a beauty Education and VTCT diploma!
Patrisiya Gospodinova
Patrisiya Gospodinova
10:56 19 May 21
I have got finally the certificate in Laser hair removal&IPL!I can't wait to start working with clients and do Laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatment in my clinic.The certificates they gave are VTCT approved. For anyone who's not in the industry - it's a very good one that allows you to work in the beauty industry.Huge thank you to everyone 🙏
Taisia Oleksiuk
Taisia Oleksiuk
12:00 06 May 21
I would love to give a huge thank you to this school! I have completed my level 2, Level 3 and now level 4 qualification and have already signed up for another Aesthetics course. This is literally the best beauty school I've been to in London, they pay attention to everything starting with covid measures and facilities and finishing with a very string teacher and professional workers. Can't wait to start my aesthetic course.
Elena Tintari
Elena Tintari
11:25 06 May 21
I've finished my Level 4 in the academy and so satisfied with the level of education! Karina is a very strong teacher, our all group was really impressed by the level of knowledge given. All their staff is very friendly and nice, we were treated very well and I really enjoyed the atmosphere of every lesson 🥰 I'm gonna miss Moda Donna so much! Thanks for everything xx
Rita Parlato
Rita Parlato
11:11 06 May 21
Loved the course and the whole atmosphere there from day 1. The course starts at 10am and we were finishing at around 4-5pm. In my opinion we had a perfect amount of practice and theory. There also were some assessment days and the results came back very quickly. The academy has a very nice breakroom with comfortable sofa and a coffee machine with very tasty coffee. My whole experience was absolutely positive, and at our last day we had a little celebration after everyone passed their exams 🥳
Iryna Konyk
Iryna Konyk
13:09 25 Mar 21
Loved the course and the whole atmosphere there from day 1. The course starts at 10am and we were finishing at around 4-5pm. In my opinion we had a perfect amount of practice and theory. There also were some assessment days and the results came back very quickly. The academy has a very nice breakroom with comfortable sofa and a coffee machine with very tasty coffee. My whole experience was absolutely positive, and at our last day we had a little celebration after everyone passed their exams 🥳
Nataliya Dudyth
Nataliya Dudyth
18:26 23 Mar 21
I'd like to share my experience with you today after completing the Facial course at MD. The course was spreaded into 7 weeks and I had to come once a week. Since I also study at the uni, it was perfect for me to combine the course with my studies. The academy is located in Canary Wharf near the South Quay station. I liked how easy it was to find it. The teacher and the academy manager were extremely nice and polite, I feel very grateful for everyone I have met during my course ❤
Inga Gasiunaite
Inga Gasiunaite
12:59 23 Mar 21
This was an extremely useful experience to support my career in the beauty industry! I can't thank enough the tutor and the whole team that was very very supportive. When I just came for my first day I was very nervous as my last experience with the beauty course was not really good... But straight after I arrived, I saw that the organisational level was on top and my intensive course has flied by so quickly! I have already signed up for the next course I am starting in a month time. Thank you Moda Donna!!!
Nour Riyadh
Nour Riyadh
16:37 18 Mar 21
Amazing beauty school! with outstanding tutors and all the best caring team. Would recommend with out a doubt. All the training provided is trough explained.
Paula Vreto
Paula Vreto
13:45 16 Mar 21
This is fantastic Beauty School! I completed Permanent Make Up courses there with professional trainer Olga Mankovskaja! It was fantastic experience and really successful, due to this I have new profession. I don’t believe someone can find better school than Mona Dona! Thank you so much!
Arina Bugor
Arina Bugor
16:34 15 Feb 21
I as a beauty therapist and worker beauty industry have taken many refresher courses and I can recommend this academy. All tutors are very experienced and give a lot of useful information that you actually use in you practice. After education I taken a lot of knowledge and I am very happy that chose Moda Donna Academy. Thanks!
15:04 05 Feb 21
A good place and very professional training. Definitely recommend this place to study!
shakil mirza
shakil mirza
21:30 04 Feb 21
Olya is the best teacher of all that I have met, I finally began to get perfect lips and eyebrows, I am far from your skill, but I’ll do my best and going to come to you for master class, 🙏 thank you , it was cool, I definitely recommend this place.
K Leonhard
K Leonhard
21:03 04 Feb 21
I was very happy to get an advanced training course of permanent makeup in Moda Donna. And all this because there are the most caring and attentive organizers and teachers. On top of that, I liked the environment in which the learning process takes place.I highly recommend anyone who really wants to get knowledge and highly qualified support in the future.
Динара Камалова
Динара Камалова
20:15 04 Feb 21
I've finished VTCT level 4 laser hair removal and IPL course here. I'm really pleased with knowledge that I received and staff were really friendly and helpful. My tutor was kind and experienced and happily answered any questions. School itself is clean and atmosphere is nice. Highly recommended place to get qualification.
Dovile Urbonaviciene
Dovile Urbonaviciene
09:58 17 Nov 20
The cost and the length of the training was perfect. Waiting for my certificate for level 4 I can’t wait for that day .Specially thank you to irina and Krishtina who help meA lot when I was struggling both of them build my confidence during the my training this is my favourite 🤩 Acdemy I recommend more people very professional Acdemy
Firdosh Saiyed
Firdosh Saiyed
21:52 16 Nov 20
I want to say thank you to all Team in Moda Donna Academy for giving me opportunity to get the new knowledge!Big thanks to our tutor Karina for interesting and professional study for her care and help. Karina shared all her knowledge and experience and did it very well!VTCT Laser Hair Removal & IPL very effective, it was a lot of practical classes which gives the opportunity to start working after the classes.Would like to mention and say thank you to Kristina , Head of Centre, for organising everything and individual approach to all Students.Also big thank you to Irina for her support and for optimistic way of support to students.I will highly recommend Moda Donna to those who want to get new knowledge and new career.Wich a big success and good luck to Moda Donna Team.
Olga Gumeniuc
Olga Gumeniuc
19:50 12 Oct 20
Every thing about the training online, onsite was fantastic. Planning to go back soon for further trainings
Julie Ugbodu
Julie Ugbodu
17:27 09 Oct 20
i have done my facial course here and was very good, the stuff was very friendly and professional.
jesica Moncada
jesica Moncada
10:46 08 Oct 20
Great academy, staff are wonderful, they listen to you and your questions! And the pricing is reasonable. Wonderful people working there.
Raimonda Čižauskaitė
Raimonda Čižauskaitė
18:13 06 Aug 20
Very welcoming, professional! As a student you are well trained by professional tutors. I had an excellent experience.
vytautas dov
vytautas dov
17:30 06 Aug 20
I was searching thoroughly the place to upgrade my qualification in beauty therapy and didn’t regret even for a second for the choice I made! This is a super welcoming and professional place! As a student you feel supported. Everything is well explained by experienced tutors. Especially I would like to thank Kristina as you really feel that the person does what she loves and works for your result! I would definitely recommend this academy as I had an excellent experience.
Oksana Kostyrko
Oksana Kostyrko
19:55 05 Aug 20
Great VTCT school! The tutors are knowledgeable, experienced and organized. All staff members in this academy are friendly, helpful and kind
Robertas Petrauskas
Robertas Petrauskas
20:18 30 Jul 20
I decided to go to this academy instead of 2 other local academies that I was choosing between. The choice at the end was easy, people who I interacted with were very quick in response and informative. I booked VTCT Level 4 Laser online and then after attending online classes I found the atmosphere welcoming and the teacher very easy going and professional.
Danute Daniute
Danute Daniute
19:29 30 Jul 20
The education is high quality. I’ve done VTCT Level 2 Facial! People should definitely be considering this academy.
Ovidijus Ruškys
Ovidijus Ruškys
18:04 30 Jul 20
I love this place. I was looking to start a VTCT course before quarantine but unfortunately never had time. During the quarantine I was looking to learn at least Theory part online and that was the only academy who started to do live classes in London at the very first months of lockdown.I enjoyed each class with tutor Cristina. She was very friendly and informative.
Jurga Mandrijauskaitė
Jurga Mandrijauskaitė
17:59 30 Jul 20
I took decision to study at the Moda Donna because it is Government recognised. And easy to get insurance after all.
Aistė Fedaravičiūtė
Aistė Fedaravičiūtė
17:35 20 May 20
I had recommendations from previous student Susan. Great quality! Thanks.
Aukse Vecerkauskiene
Aukse Vecerkauskiene
12:57 20 May 20
I would recommend this academy to everyone, Im so happy I made a decision to pick it. Thinking to do some more courses here in the future.
Inga K
Inga K
11:39 20 May 20
I have only had good experience in here. Ive done level 2 Beauty Therapy now Im looking forward to start level 3 beauty therapy in here.
Danguolė Virbalytė
Danguolė Virbalytė
11:33 20 May 20
Thank you for helping to make my dreams come true, now I can proudly say Im fully qualified Beauty therapist and everything is because of Moda Donna!
Sandra N
Sandra N
11:32 20 May 20
This place worth 5 stars for sure! Nice and calm atmosphere, supportive and knowledgeable tutor what can be better?
Ignas Povilanskas
Ignas Povilanskas
11:31 20 May 20
I am so pleased that I chose this academy for the beauty courses. All lessons and procedures was explained thoroughly and clearly which I think is the most important thing then you learning.
Marius Bubnelis
Marius Bubnelis
11:25 20 May 20
This is amazing academy if you want to become a true beautician and want a career in a beauty industry.
Andrius Cebatorius
Andrius Cebatorius
21:15 26 Apr 20
I have enjoyed every minute in this academy. Tutor and staff was really helpful also good location nice and clean premises.
Monika d.
Monika d.
19:41 26 Apr 20
Very professional teachers. Accredited by ABT insurance company. VTCT approved Academy. High standard program for students. Very excellent atmosphere. Highly recommended that Academy if you looking for quality of education!!!
Olga Mankovskaia
Olga Mankovskaia
17:18 23 Apr 20
I was a student in this academy and I had amazing experience in there, I loved it so much. Now I am ready to move forward and climb career ladders to level 4 laser and IPL, I am so excited about it roll on July !
Alma Jankauskiene
Alma Jankauskiene
22:40 21 Apr 20
Im currently a student in Moda Donna beauty academy and I am so happy with my choice. My tutor Christina is so professional and knowledgeable.I would highly recommend this academy for every person which seeking career in beauty industry.
Erica Bay
Erica Bay
20:16 21 Apr 20
I would like to say a big Thank you to Moda Donna academy for such a welcoming and supportive experience. I would highly recommend it to everyone who would like to join beauty industry.
Erika Baneviciute
Erika Baneviciute
20:03 21 Apr 20
Ive done a lot of different online courses before and i had lot of different experience and not the best ones.. With Moda Donna academy it was something different! I am enjoying every minute of this course, cant wait to do my practical bit!
Ieva Baneviciute
Ieva Baneviciute
20:03 21 Apr 20
During this period then most of us have some free time at home, Ive decided to take this as a opportunity for a new studies. I always wanted to work in a beauty industry so thats why Ive decided to do this online level 2 facial course. I’m more than happy with a course and all information which been provided. Also course tutor is great as well and really supportive even thought I haven’t seen her in reality 🙂 Can’t wait do some more courses..I would highly recommend this academy to everyone!
agne baneviciute
agne baneviciute
17:42 21 Apr 20
Academy team doing everything to provide best quality courses. Thank you for students who trust us and choosing us.
Moda Donna Beauty Clinic
Moda Donna Beauty Clinic
17:16 21 Apr 20
It was quite intense, and there was so many things to learn for VTCT level 2 (facial and skin care). But all in all, the teaching, care and support that I received from the team of Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy was amazing and lived to my expectations. The course has given me more confidence as a beauty therapist as well as knowledge, tips and skills.
donny mc
donny mc
17:06 21 Apr 20

Today, cosmetology is one of the most promising professions.

Here are just a few facts:

Beauty industry has survived the crisis well: the average salaries of cosmetologists have been growing for the last two years, and the number of vacancies has remained at the pre-crisis level. While bank employees, travel agents and sales managers were cut off by the hundreds, beauticians continued to make money even after the crisis.

In order to start your career in the beauty industry, it is necessary, first, to determine the future direction of your activity. After that, choose a place of study and after acquiring the necessary skills, develop further in this area. The most important point in this case is the choice of teachers and the place of training. The beauty academy “Moda Donna Beauty Academy” offers a very wide range in the choice of direction for training. On the website of the company you can familiarise yourself with all the training conditions in more detail, as well as choose the necessary courses for yourself.

Are you interested in the profession of a beautician, but don’t know where to start? We are starting a series of publications to help you navigate the world of Beauty.

Does a career in beauty suits me at all?

It is no secret that in order to make a successful career in a particular field, it is necessary to have certain personal qualities and, depending on the chosen profession, the desirable and required qualities can be quite diverse.

What kind of people are attracted to the beautiful service industry?

Here are some general characteristics that will help you understand that you are on the right path, that it will actually be useful for you to complete, for example, permanent makeup courses (or, on the other hand, make you think whether it is the right choice for you):

Start with choosing a direction.

So, how to achieve success in the career of a beautician, aesthetician, makeup master, nail technician, laser specialist or any other beauty specialist? First, find your own niche. Today in London there is a large number of various educational institutions and courses. Among them, you can find either short-term express training programs (for example, chemical peel masterclass)  as well as long-term courses that allow you to learn beauty with zero experience behind the back (for example, VTCT Level 2 Facial Skincare Course).   

This career gives you freedom of choosing the direction, great flexibility in time and place. You can work with any national or international brands and climb the professional ladder. You can also work in popular beauty salons, spas, clinics. Moreover, this is one profession that gives you the opportunity to become your own boss or become a successful entrepreneur and salon owner.

What are the beauty professions there?

Is investment required to start?

With little or limited investment, you can work from home, but investment is still necessary. Think about purchasing all the required materials, renting a space to perform your services, getting all the necessary insurances, certificates and documentations ready.

After deciding on what direction you’d like to go, whether it will be employment in the beauty salon or starting your own business, you should be ready to make an investment. For example, you can open your own salon or take a franchise and become a successful entrepreneur. In such cases, you need to take into account many factors that in the future will affect the efficiency of your enterprise. The main ones are:

This flexibility in terms of time, investment and the size of your business is something that perhaps no other profession offers. You can continually update and expand your knowledge with new courses and technologies to stay on top of new trends.

In any case, it is better to start with yourself first, as you must learn foundation and advanced knowledge in order to perform your services.

How much do beauticians earn?

Permanent makeup artists are one of the most demanded masters on the market. An average procedure takes about 2 hours, and you can earn from £250 to £500 per session. And now try to count if with the right qualifications, experience and marketing you take 2-3 clients a day 5 times a week. I am sure you can do the maths yourself and count how much you could earn. 😉 And this is far not the top you can reach. 

If you decide to be a beautician in the beauty salon/clinic, you could expect about £12/hour + commission and tips. Working full-time will give you an opportunity to earn a salary that is higher than the average UK’s salary, plus benefits, such as space, materials, no marketing fees and colleagues with similar interests to yours. 

Whatever path you choose, you’d benefit from being in that industry in any way. 

The realities you might face.

But not everything is as bright as it might seem at first glance. The sphere of beauty is a daily hard work that requires full dedication. And also patience, professionalism, constant self-improvement and development. Without the desire to study, immerse yourself in the profession and constantly improve the level of skill, it is unlikely that something will work. Although, this is really a real opportunity to build your own business with minimal investment at the start.

How to choose an Institution for training.

It is important to understand that you cannot start without special qualifications. The more prestigious a school or educational institution is, the better. It is certainly not desirable to save on this. If the applicant shows himself on the good side, then he may also get an employment after the course. At the end of the course, the new specialist must be issued a diploma or certificate. Otherwise, it will be difficult to prove your qualifications. The most well-known qualifications in the UK are VTCT, NVQ, ABT and CPD. These are certificates you want to aim at getting.

When choosing a centre for training in the specialities of the field of beauty, you should pay attention to many points. Looking for a good beauty school or permanent makeup courses? Reviews from current specialists who have already graduated from a number of trainings will greatly simplify the task. Do not forget to inquire about the availability of certificates, as well as the teaching staff and technical background.

PMU & Beauty Academy Moda Donna is ready to provide all conditions for comfortable training of cosmetologists, skincare specialists, aestheticians, laser hair removal therapists, permanent makeup artists and much more! The teaching is carried out by experienced and well-known professionals with many years of practical experience. The classrooms and territory of the academy have the necessary equipment and materials for practical training.

To Sum Up

Professions related to the beauty industry will always be relevant. People want to be beautiful, today it is in trend to take care of yourself. The main thing is that the master should love his work, constantly develop and does not mark time. Even with a small budget, you can learn the basics of the profession in a few days and get to work. Many people today are looking for themselves in terms of a profession, want to work for themselves, and the beauty industry is a good option for an experiment.

Read more about Moda Donna Beauty Courses:

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VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Laser Hair Removal and IPL Treatments

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Permanent Makeup Courses in London

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Mesotherapy Masterclass

Eyebrows are one of the defining factors that allow you to highlight the beauty of your client. Correctly selected shape of eyebrows according to the type of face will hide small nuances and correct imperfections.

When looking for the perfect eyebrow shape, it is important to achieve a harmonious balance between what is given by nature (natural brow bend is a clue to listen to) and what one wants to get depending on the type of face. All of them require a different approach to the correction of the shape of the eyebrows, and it is no coincidence: if you do it correctly, you can noticeably soften some of the shortcomings that your client wanted to hide or, conversely, turn them into advantages.

Eyebrows can both emphasize the beautiful features of the face, making it visually slimmer and tighter, or spoil the shape and even the whole appearance. Therefore, do not rush to adjust your client’s eyebrows without knowing the basics of drawing the eyebrow shapes. To get started, read our article and listen to expert advice on how to choose the shape of the eyebrows for different types of face shape.

The main types of eyebrows shapes.

Eyebrow trends change as often as fashion trends. In this matter, it is extremely important not only to follow the trends, but also to choose the shape that suits your client. What are the most common shapes of eyebrows?

◌ Straight – horizontal lines without any bends;

◌ S-shaped (curved) – the most difficult type of eyebrow, which can only be done by an experienced master. Looks very elegant;

◌ Angled – the classic shape, which is an ascending smooth line, the outer tip of which is much thinner than the head;

◌ Rounded – soft, with a smooth arch in the middle;

◌ Ascending – do not have a bend, their tail tends upward.

Different Types Of Eyebrows 1


Choosing the Eyebrows Shape for Round Face

The dream of many girls with this face shape is chiseled cheekbones instead of rounded cheeks, no matter how cute and charming they look from the outside. Therefore, they overuse contouring, trying to at least visually make their cheeks more sunken. But you are much more likely to get sculpted facial features if you shape the eyebrows with a graceful break. They should have a corner and a pointed “tail”. Since round faced people, as a rule, do not have sharp facial features, such eyebrows look especially expressive in their case, bringing charm to the face. 

Short To Medium Hairstyles For Round Face Shape Pi

Choosing the Eyebrows Shape for Oval Face

The oval shape is considered ideal for a reason; almost all types of eyebrows are perfect for them. Perhaps the only exception is straight wide eyebrows – they make the features rough, and also visually shorten the oval.

We advise you to take a closer look at the following options:

◌ Angled – they give the look of romance and femininity. The main thing is to make the corner soft and smooth. An overly sharp bend can make the gaze harsh and even somewhat vicious;

◌ Straight – visually smooth out some oblongness of the oval shape and make it rounder. Remember that the shape must be symmetrical. But in order to soften the gaze and not make it gloomy, slightly pinch an eyebrow inside, this will raise the arch and open client’s eyes;

◌ Arched – this eyebrow shape will make sharp features softer. To make the round shape of the eyebrows perfect, be sure to think about the ratio of its main indicators – the length, width and height of the arch. 

Jessica Alba

Choosing the Shape of the Eyebrows for the Square Shape

The “square” shape is characterized by a clear geometry of the eyebrows. Highlighted cheekbones and forehead should be softened with a semicircular, soft arch of the eyebrows. In this case, they will add femininity, charm to the image. Choose a medium length of the brow arch, not too thick, but not sparse either. No sharp corners and extremely natural color. You will see, you will get a delightful complex result.

Experts recommend making the bend angle raised high. Ideally, it should be located above the outer tip of the eye or above its middle. The tip can be made a little longer than usual – you should avoid short lines. In terms of width, stick to medium or slightly larger. Thin “strings” are not allowed – square faces will look ridiculous with them. However, this also applies to wide horizontal eyebrows, which expand the square and make it rough. 

Olivia Wilde

Choosing the Eyebrows Shape for Triangle Face Shape

Clients with the “triangle” shape need to visually narrow the wide cheekbones and forehead. To do this, avoid overly long lines. For triangle face shape, the most beautiful shape is the S-shaped (curved) eyebrows. However, to create them, the client should have natural eyebrow features such as good density and natural bend. To create a S-shaped eyebrows follow these instructions:

◌  Work on the arch. Remove hair from the inside of the bend creating a nice corner;

◌  Pluck the hairs above the middle of the eyebrow to create a deflection;

◌  Curl the tip inward and make the brow shorter. 

Choosing the Eyebrows Shape for Heart Shape

With a triangular type of face, the forehead is especially noticeable, it seems “heavy” due to the fact that the upper part of the face is larger than the lower one. A well-chosen eyebrow shape should fix this. Firstly, It should not be straight. Secondly, try to either make them arched, or with a slight lift of the “tails” up. If they will “look” down, the face will have a sad look.

Try to visually round your client’s chin with a rounded eyebrow shape and you will see how much a client will transform! Moderately dense, oval arches of medium depth of the arch without strong bends will favorably emphasize the face. This solution is perfect. A large density of hairs is permissible. It will look not only good, but also fashionable. 

Reese Witherspoon Inverted Triangle Face

Choosing the Eyebrows Shape for Rectangular Shape

The ideal eyebrow shape for a rectangular face is wide and straight. They should not be positioned too close to each other, because this will make your face even longer and narrower. To correct this nuance, pluck the hairs near the nose, and make the tail moderately thin. Ascending lines with a light arch, which will soften the look, will be no less beautiful option for the “rectangle” face shape. But high arcs and sharp bends are completely inappropriate. 

Avoid rough curves and bends by favoring smooth brow lines. Owners of a rectangular face, as well as a square one, should visually soften the geometry. Therefore, you should not choose sharp corners in the brow arch and choose the classics.

Rectangle Face Shape

Start your Career as a PMU Artist with Moda Donna

All these nuances and even more you will learn during our Micropigmentation and Microblading courses at Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy. During the course you will go through:

Img 4856
Powder Brows by Olga Mankovskaia

Check Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy Courses to choose what other diploma you will proudly present to your clients.

With Love,

Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy

So, you have finally completed your assessments and exams, celebrated the start of your new career and received your long-awaited diploma. Well done!

And now the question, what’s next? How do I start? Where do I start? Where do I get my clients from?

For a newly opened beauty salon or a novice beauty master, the question “Where do I find my first clients?” is always one of the most important ones at the beginning. You could go to a seminar and find out that you need to draw up a plan, write a budget, draw a hyped mind map. In this case, you would spend a good amount of money and time on knowledge that is freely available.

In this article, we have decided to write down some helpful tips and advises to help you go get through this exciting, but hard initial stage of starting a job in the beauty industry.

10 ways of how to attract clients for a novice beauty specialist?

1. Word of mouth

Which advertising channel do customers trust the most?

Any survey always clearly shows that “Friend/family recommendation” is in the first place.

Why not use this tool to attract clients for your beauty procedures?

The fact that friends become the first clients of any beauty master confirms the experience. It is easier to work with friends or family, they have a positive attitude and if something happens they will forgive some minor mistakes, which is important for novice specialist.

2. Website

In the age of technology, there is no need to talk about the importance and necessity of having a website. The site does not have to be a large-scale expensive portal, it can be a simple business card site with information about services, prices and contact details. You can post photos of the results and of your workspace, so clients have an idea where they are going and what they should expect. There are free website creation services, so you can create your own website today for free.

3. Social networks

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok are the main popular social media platforms today. You can post information about a company and what you do completely free of charge. Social media can be used as an additional tool to attract customers.

Many beauty masters find their clients through social media. For some technicians, social media becomes the main tool to find and maintain clients. The main thing is to fill your pages with quality  visual and written content.

Do not limit yourself to just maintaining your personal pages, there are many thematic groups, for example in Facebook, in where you should post photos of your work.

4. Business card

A business card is a must-have for any professional these days, the question is how much it helps to sell your services. Do a little test, start giving out your business cards, and see how it contributes to customer acquisition. Make sure you check it contains all the ways of contacting you – phone, website, e-mail, address, any other essential information you want your client know. After writing the text for the business card, check if it is immediately clear what services you provide. You could also make a special offer on the business card (the simplest option is “10% discount if you show the card.” The highest rating will be given to business cards that simply won’t raise a hand to throw away – not only because they are unusual or beautiful, but also contain extremely useful or important information, e.g. a calendar, a useful quote, the time and date of the next visit.

5. Discounts for the first visit

What promotion should you create to attract clients for your treatments? The simplest, obvious and therefore no less effective option is to make discounts on their first visit with you. It might seem that you will loose money and work for nothing, however if they like you, in a couple of procedures you will be able to start making profit from that client. You can also create a competition on Instagram or Facebook where people, for example, win a free treatment for doing a repost.

6. Clients exchange with other beauty professionals

What other beauty specialists do your clients use? Hairdresser, beautician, hair removal technician, dentist, yoga instructor? Use these opportunities to create mutually beneficial partnerships – each of you can recommend services to your clients. Try to choose a specialist whose clients coincide with your target audience, so that partnership can be mutually beneficial.

7. Promotions for beauty procedures or products

Run special offers and promotions regularly. Do not limit your imagination here. You can come up with many ideas for attracting a client. Some therapists give discounts for a birthday, someone gives a discount for the fact that the client brings her friends. The second option, by the way, is effective and can help expand your customer base.

Referral programs and bonuses work great. Here are some examples: a longer facial/shoulder massage for every fifth peel as a gift. Or everyone who does a facial every month has a 10% discount for the other treatments. Experiment, watch the reaction, come up with new options.

8. Online paid promotions

Advertising on TV or in newspapers is expensive and often does not pay off. On the Internet everything is simpler, cheaper and more profitable. There are several types of online advertising. 

Contextual advertising is an advertisement that is shown in Google search results as an answer to a search query. It is not cheap and will suit those who have a website.

The second option, advertising in social networks. For example, Facebook or Instagram, does not require huge budgets and gives high results. It will not be difficult for a beautician to quickly build up a client base with its help.

9. Don’t forget about yourself

Some technicians do not realise how important it is to have a neat and well-groomed appearance and clean and steamed uniform. If you are a cosmetologist, then your own face should look good, this is also an advertisement.

Improve your qualifications, always be in trend and be aware of new products that constantly come up on the market. It is essential to offer up-to-date therapies and services.

Communication with the client is also a very important factor. Avoid controversial topics, politics, religion. Do not start arguments and do not try to convince your visitors or you risk losing them.

10. Service

High-quality service is the key to success for any beauty salon or private master. It is no less important than the quality of the services provided and the qualifications you own. After all, a satisfied client will become a permanent one and will definitely bring his friends and relatives. At the same time, a dissatisfied client, for example, will also tell his friends about this, which will inevitably lead to the loss of clients and a decrease in the company’s reputation. The high level of service also always favourably distinguishes the company from competitors.

Each client wants to feel special, therefore, regardless of whether the client is a regular or not, whether he uses several salon services or only one, he should be paid no less attention than others. Even the little things play a role here. For example, to offer customers instead of “Tea or coffee?” 5 varieties of tea, professionally brewed coffee and specialty chocolate. Also offer brown sugar or sweeteners for weight-watchers. In the waiting room, you should keep magazines of various topics, neatly stacked. If the magazine is torn, too wrinkled or dirty, it should be removed from the tables, as it already looks untidy, and the client will already be unpleasant to hold it in his hands.

No salon and no master can exist without clients. Therefore, the main goal should be not so much attraction as retaining customers, so that each new incoming customer becomes a regular one. The client can determine in 1-2 minutes whether the master is attentive to him. You can’t make a first impression twice. This means that you need to be especially attentive to the client at the first meeting, because on it he will form his opinion about you.

Let’s summarise

Create all the conditions so that a client who comes to you once, comes to you again and again. Then the customer base will grow, and the amount of new customers will always be high.

And do not forget to constantly update your qualifications and fill your wall with latest diplomas and certificates. 

Check Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy Courses to choose what other diploma you will proudly present to your clients.

With Love,

Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy

Every year new and new procedures come to one of the most popular markets – Hair Removal Market. The trend for a clear skin has been around for years and every year more and more women look for new options to remove hair from their bodies.

In order for masters to keep up with the trends and understand what procedure they should perform to attract more clients, we have written this article.

We hope it helps you to choose the direction you should go forward to!

Depilation or epilation.

When clients wants to find the most effective way to remove hair, they would go for epilation rather than depilation. Why?

Depilation is a hair removal method that does not affect hair’s follicle. The most popular depilation methods are a razor and a depilation cream. They destroy only the upper part of the hair and only for a short period of time. Moreover, over time, the treatment has to be done more often, and the hair becomes thicker and thicker each time. We can say with 100% accuracy that depilation is definitely not an effective way to permanently remove hair.

Bio-epilation (sugaring and waxing) is often compared to depilation. We fundamentally disagree with this, since the effect is very different: over time, from procedure to procedure, the hairs become thinner, and the period between procedures increases.

In the process of another epilation methods, laser, photo- or electro- hair removal methods, the hair follicle is destroyed directly, which prevents its further growth. This is the main difference between epilation and depilation. This method can claim to be “the most effective hair removal treatment.”

Laser Hair Removal.

Laser Hair Removal And Ipl Course At Moda Donna Beauty Academy
Laser Hair Removal student performs procedure on a model

Laser Hair Removal Treatment is a number one hair removal method on the market. It is not surprising, as this is the only method on the market that allows clients to remove body hair permanently. 

During the procedure, a laser beam penetrates the skin, heats up each hair from the inside and destroys the hair follicle.

For those who dream of permanently removing hair and are looking for the most effective way, laser hair removal treatment is just the right one. Laser allows going through the hair to the hair follicle, destroys it and seals the hole from which the hair grows. The procedures must be carried out once every 3-6 weeks. The course of laser hair removal treatments is usually 8-12 sessions. After that, clients can forget about unwanted hair for a period of up to 3-4 years (provided that the technology of laser hair removal was followed carefully with each session).

Contraindications: People with a higher melanin content in their skin are not advised to proceed with laser hair removal, as this can lead to hyperpigmentation. It also does not threaten people with fair skin and blond hair, because there is no melanin for the laser. In addition, those receiving laser treatments will need to wear sunscreen for at least a month to reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation. However, anyway it is advisable to always wear SPF to keep your skin young and healthy.

Pros: hair becomes smaller after the first procedure, the intervals between procedures increase, but clients cannot take long breaks between sessions.

Cons: If the procedure is performed unprofessionally or with an outdated laser, burns and even scars may remain.

In order to avoid any scars and burns, we have VTCT Laser & IPL Treatments course at Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy. During the course you will be able to find out the foundation ions of laser, how to choose the right laser to suit the clients’ skin, health and safety and much more in just 6 days! Use promo-code #151OFF to get £151 off your course price!

Let’s carry on.

Waxing and sugaring.

Pexels Marina Abrosimova 5563665

What seemed to our ancestors as torture, today has become a universal method of hair removal. As a result of the procedure, the hairs become thinner and softer, and the skin remains smooth for up to two to three weeks. Melted wax, which must be applied to the skin with a special spatula, is still widely used today. The technician should apply wax to the body, cover it with special paper, and then with a sharp movement tear off the paper in the opposite direction to the growth of the hair. The hairs remain on the paper / fabric.

Contraindications: The biggest risk is that wax may burn or stretch the skin. Waxing is not recommended for those taking isotretinoin. Retinol is also not recommended for those who have recently had bleaching and exfoliation, those who have used chemical depilatories, or those with sensitive skin.

Advantages of the method: a pleasant price.

Cons: excluding the fact that the procedure is quite painful, the effect of it is also quite temporary. After approximately 3 weeks, it has to be done again. The client is not allowed to use razor and has to wait for his next waxing/sugaring appointment to remove hair.


Which treatment to perform is absolutely up to you. There are advantages and disadvantages of both. Our personal choice is Laser Hair Removal as it gives a permanent effect. That is clearly the reason we have chosen it for having in our Beauty Clinic and in our Beauty Academy to teach new technicians to perform the method on their clients. 

Press here to book a laser treatment with Moda Donna Beauty Clinic.

Press here to find out more about VTCT Laser & IPL Treatments Course at Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy.

Working as a Beauty Therapist in a Salon or Being Self-Employed?

When our students finish the course and finally receive VTCT Diploma, they become employable and can finally start looking for a job. 

However, we understand that it is hard to decide what type of employment to choose: Employed or Self-Employed?

We have decided to make your life easier and wrote down advantages and disadvantages of becoming Employed or Self-Employed Beauty Therapist.

Employment. Working in a Salon or a Clinic.


Almost half of the people (47%) from the beauty industry choose to be employed. Most beauticians start by getting employed by a salon or a clinic. Therapists and Artists find it to be the easier way to start the career, as you can get the industry feeling, have clients and learn from experienced colleagues. At the same time, there is number of disadvantages that makes people to want working as a freelancer or a self-employed. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being employed, we will list below.

Advantages of being an employed as a Beauty Therapist in the salon/clinic.

+ Stable salary. This is probably the biggest and most significant plus of working for a company. You will know that you are guaranteed to get paid on a certain day and you will know how much. For many people, it is stability that is the determining factor for the work path they choose.

+ Stable amount of clients. Another great advantage of working for someone is that every day you come to work, you most probably have clients and even if you don’t, the employer will still have to pay you.

+Your boss and management are responsible for marketing and advertising what means no hustle for you to find your own clients.

+You do not have to worry about the taxes, pensions, allowances etc. You can also apply for mortgages and loans, as banks prefer stable income and are more likely to give it to you.

+All the equipment and materials are the salon’s expenses. You will not have to worry about looking after your stock, deliveries and of course, paying for that. We all know how much some equipment and materials might cost…

Disadvantages of Employment.

Becoming a Self-Employed Beautician/Cosmetologist.

Eyelash Extensions

According to NHBF, 57% of people from the beauty industry choose to be self-employed. Self-employment is when a person is classified as self-employed in order to manage their business activities. This means that a person (individual) is a business and is engaged in commercial activities. In simple words, a person and a business are “one and the same”. 

What does it mean in the beauty industry? You can either rent your own space to take clients or also, work in a salon/clinic, however being responsible for your own taxes and have a flexible schedule.

What are the Self-Employed Beauty Therapist Advantages?

+You don’t have to share your income and clients with anyone. When you work for someone, you normally only get your fixed salary and if you are lucky, a percent from the client, and the rest of the profit would go to the owner, to pay off the bills, the cleaner, etc. When you work for yourself, all the profit is yours and only you are responsible on how to invest and spend it.

+ You don’t have to share your income and clients with anyone. When you work for someone, you normally only get your fixed salary and if you are lucky, a percent from the client, and the rest of the profit would go to the owner, to pay off the bills, the cleaner, etc. When you work for yourself, all the profit is yours and only you are responsible on how to invest and spend it.

+ If you are unwell, you only have to warn your clients or those with whom you have working agreements, but you no longer need to go to the hospital with just a seasonal cold as you have no one to report to.

+ You can only work with the clients you like. We understand that in the beauty industry, that is specifically aimed at working with clients, you get all kinds of people. When you work in a salon or a clinic, you cannot say to your manager that you will not take the next clients as she is very rude to you. However, when you work for yourself, you can build your own client base and only work with those, who you like seeing.

+ You can take a holiday whenever you want. It is especially convenient when your husband or wife is, for example, an office worker and you need to adjust.

+ No one will ask you to go to work on a weekend, holiday, or stay late in the evening. Everything is only according to your free will!

+ You still should wear a professional work uniform, even if you are self employed, especially if you’re a beauty therapist, aesthetic therapist or work with the laser. But you can choose if to wear it or what to wear.

+ If you decide to work from home (please note, for some treatments you should have a license and insurance, follow all health & safety rules and have a separate treatment room), there will be no need to get stuck in traffic jams or push around on public transport every day. On top of that, your expenses will reduce by a significant amount.

Disadvantages of Becoming a Self-Employed in the Beauty Industry.

We understand that the list of advantages is big and attractive, and you could already start thinking of becoming a self-employed. However, before considering this path, we feel responsible of mentioning the disadvantages that await you when you become a self-employed in the beauty industry.

Whatever path you choose you will benefit of its advantages and we are sure, you will fall in love with the beauty industry as we did over 10 years ago.

Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy can help you with your first step – getting the knowledge and receiving a nationally recognised certificate to start your career. We do different types of courses: Permanent makeup, Facial Skincare, Electrotherapy, Laser & IPL, Aesthetics, Beauty Tutoring and much more!

To find out more about the course details contact us on:

📱 +44 7404 783116


With Love,

Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy ❤️

Ten The Most Common Mistakes Permanent Makeup Beginners Make – Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy Advices.

Everyone does mistakes. Even the most experienced permanent make-up technicians can do some mistakes. What we want to say, is that this is absolutely normal, as mistakes are here to learn from them! Starting something new is always not easy, each industry has its own nuances that are worth knowing about. Permanent makeup is no exception. There are many details in our business that the novice master, most probably, did not hear about. In this blogpost, we have decided to write down ten the most popular mistakes PMU beginners do to help you to avoid them in the future. 

So let’s begin!


1. Sketch drawing and shaping.

Permanent Makeup Sketch Drawing

Drawing the future shape is a rather difficult task for a novice specialist. You need to have certain creative abilities, artistic abilities, have a good sense of proportion, measure, aesthetic vision or develop it vigorously.

Without seeing the face as a whole, predicting the results after any general aesthetic face corrections and knowing the standard proportions, it is impossible to draw an ideal sketch.

It is good when a technician quickly enough catches the basics of the make-up or has an inner instinct in understanding the proportions, shape and general vision. These are usually students who love to paint, have previously done makeup or have an art education. Drawing a sketch is easy for students with graphic abilities.

There are two major errors:

1. fear and uncertainty, which lead to the fact that the drawing of the sketch takes more time.

2. superficial attitude and underestimation of the importance of the sketch.

Also, it is sometimes difficult for a specialist to balance between:

1. the decision to follow the client’s lead

2. and taking responsibility for the drawn shape and convincing the client that the shape is the right for her. 

The client has to, primary, like the shape himself, and only then the technician can suggest some changes for the client to think about.

However, there is no need to worry if you are not an artist and do not have any art relative educations. During the course, good institutions will always provide enough practice for you to start seeing the proportions clearer.

Conclusion: Learn how to paint and choose professional permanent makeup courses with a strong teaching methodology.

2. Choosing the wrong pigment.

Copy Of Untitled 2

An important part of work is the selection of the right pigment. It should match client’s skin tone and eye colour.

The main task is to make the permanent makeup look good and match the person’s type, so it does not end up looking vulgar, dull and not catchy. Make sure to discuss this with the the client to match his/her needs. A good master would ask them to show you an example of what colour they would like to end up with.

Let’s systematise the most common coloristic mistakes:

1. Ignorance of the theoretical foundations of colour and the concept of brightness, saturation and purity of colour

2. Ignorance of the composition of pigments, the behaviour of all its components followed by the ignorance of the pigments you work with, their capabilities and features.

3. Concepts of the ratio of “warm” and “cold” pigment and different types of skin.

4. Predicting the schemes of formation of the proposed colour solutions

5. Changes in the colour of the pigment due to its various refractions under the epidermis

6. Understanding the principle and algorithm of colour correction of the existing colour option

7. Assuming an intuitive vision of the end result.

All this is difficult for a novice specialist to master. At the same time, it is also necessary to remember that the colour is influenced by the depth of the pigment, the density of its application and the individual characteristics of the organism.

Only an understanding of all these nuances will make it possible to obtain predicted colour variations and make your client become more attractive.

3. Communication with the client.

When starting to work directly with a client, novice masters tend to also make mistakes. To understand the client’s desire and propose possible solutions to the problem – this is what every specialist should be able to do.

It is necessary to understand that a person who is not versed in the intricacies of the profession can see a photo on Instagram and decide that she wants the same. But your task as a professional is to explain to the client that everything is individual, because we are all different, and what suits one person may be a mistake for another. Speak out all the nuances and stages of the procedure, discuss the colour and shape to the smallest detail and always sign “Voluntary consent to the procedure”. Before enrolling a client, you should discuss contraindications and advice on care, both before and after the procedure.

4. Not enough experience.

Permanent Makeup Practice on Latex

It is experience that gives inner confidence and a general understanding that you are a specialist in a rather complex field.

Experience in permanent make-up is the unity of knowledge of several disciplines: medicine, coloristic, colorimetry, make-up, psychology, in addition to your own acquired skills and observations in the process of work. In general, this is what’s called the professional’s eye.

In simple words, novice masters have either no experience or not enough experience.

With an individual approach to the procedure, any permanent make-up specialist must have knowledge of all the above disciplines, in addition to knowing the work ethics. And this means that he is much more likely to make a mistake than specialists, whose actions are clearly indicated by criteria, standards, regulations. It is experience that gives inner confidence and a general understanding that you are a specialist in a rather complex field.

The more experience you gain, the more you understand this and the more accurate you begin to refer to your job.

5. “Permanent Makeup is a simple procedure!”

It is not simple. The beginner realises this as he starts to work and most often, starts to panic. The first unsuccessful jobs sometimes lead to a loss of optimism. But you need to understand that this is a normal situation, because the skill is formed not only gradually, but also unevenly. Usually, during training under the guidance of a teacher, the student feels a relatively quick equipments mastery. This is especially popular during the practice in the latex. But when they start working with patients on their own, novice masters are faced with a large number of problem situations and, as a result, make mistakes.

The most common is the inability to work with the pigment. Unfortunately, there is a percentage of trained specialists who gave up PMU during the process of just beginning their career. That’s the reason why, here at Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy, over 70% of the training is practice, practice and again, practice. It’s never enough of it!

The conclusion here is that you need to believe in yourself, in your strength, have a desire to develop and achieve high results. It requires time and persistence, but if your desire is high, you will achieve a lot. The perfect example are our diligent students.:)

6. Wrong equipment.

Another common mistake is selecting the equipment.

The purchase of the device might depend on the academy you’ve been studying at.

“Which device should I buy?” Of course, everything is individual. It is quite difficult for beginners to understand this immediately.

There are two options novice masters tend to follow:

  1. Deciding to buy cheap equipment, and then switching to a more professional one.However, this does not always happen, often the specialist remains at the novice level of equipment.
  2. A deliberate choice and purchase of professional equipment. Naturally, learning from quality things is always faster and easier.

In our opinion, working on low-quality equipment is the biggest mistake that leads to regression – this is disrespectful to yourself and your potential client. The main slogan we suggest to the future professionals to stick to is “Being honest, using high quality equipment and keeping everything safe are three the most important rules of a good therapist.” 

7. The use of anesthesia.

We couldn’t avoid mentioning that issue in a separate paragraph. Permanent make-up is a painful procedure, that of course, requires the use of anesthesia. At the moment, a fairly large number of anesthetics are used on the market, which make life easier for us and our patients. However, inadequate anesthesia, non-compliance with the method of application, the wrong choice of painkillers – all this can result in a cost of human life.

The main mistakes include:

1. Irresponsible illiterate use of various anesthetics in general

2. Misconception that anesthesia does not cause complications

3. In general ignorance and misunderstanding of the processes occurring when using anesthetics, especially with the use of vasoconstrictors.

To protect oneself from legal claims and ensure comfort during the procedure, a novice specialist should remember that hypoallergenic anesthetics do not exist. And since in case of complications, the actions must be immediate and clear, inside every aesthetics package there must be an instruction that explains how to provide immediate first aid for all variants of complications with a prescribed algorithm of actions that the PMU therapist must read in advance.

It is imperative to ask at least three questions before the procedure:

1. Have they used anesthesia before?

2. Were there any complications with the use of local anesthesia?

3. Were there any allergic reactions to local anesthetics?

And also clearly understand that the bulk of anesthetics are simply not certified in the UK and cannot officially be used in the permanent make-up procedure.

8. Wrong Permanent Makeup School.

Permanent Makeup School

It is the teacher who forms a conscious, meaningful attitude to the upcoming mastery of new knowledge.

What could be more important than a right introduction to the profession? Primary education, that covers basic knowledge, setting the hand, love to the profession, and so on, makes it possible to avoid many mistakes that you saw in this list. A lot depends on a permanent makeup teacher, including the whole further professional life. Most common, it is the teacher who sets the level of a novice specialist, since he gives the right motivation for achievement.

Learning without much desire leads to a variety of mistakes, starting with the wrong technique of placing the hand and ending with a lack of understanding of the responsibility for every drawn millimeter. The start can be quick and strong at once. Choosing the wrong teacher may lead to the fact that another “specialist” will come to our industry, without having an idea about the aesthetics of a permanent makeup. Therefore, the choice of a school is the cornerstone, it is the foundation that determines the successful start of a potential specialist’s career.

9. Industriousness.

Permanent make-up is a rather laborious task that requires meticulousness and diligence. 

In simple words, there is a direct relationship – the amount of time spent is proportional to the rising level of your professional growth.

It is hard work that allows:

– Achieve stability and automatism when performing permanent makeup.

– Improve certain techniques to the required degree of perfection.

– Provide varied use of techniques depending on each specific case.

The result is that you are a specialist who has achieved your goal. As we like to say, genius is just a great capacity for patience. And, as our practice shows, it is the specialists who have worked hard who achieves significant results, win prizes at championships, although they do not have great innate artistic talent and do not paint realism.

10. You stop upgrading your qualification – do not take further PMU and other relatable courses.

Permanent Makeup Academy in London

Continuous development is a trait of professional excellence. Each specialist must expand the range of services that he can offer to clients in order not to remain outsiders.

Slowing professional development is the biggest mistake of the master.

The world does not stand still, new technologies, techniques and materials appear every day, and our profession is no exception. Clients see this and definitely want to get a novelty, since everything is popularized on the Internet.

Continuous development is a trait of professional excellence. Each specialist must expand the range of services that he can offer to clients in order not to remain outsiders. Many new materials and technologies will make your work easier and more effective, but do not forget that sometimes the old and tested is better than something new and unknown yet. Remember that any new technique, instruments or pigments must first be tested on artificial skin, which will significantly reduce the risk.

The technique perfection comes only with practice, but that doesn’t mean theory doesn’t matter. Seminars, master classes and refresher courses raise your status in the beauty industry.

Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy is well-known for providing the highest quality Permanent Makeup Courses under the supervision of well-known PMU professional, Olga Mankovskaia. You can learn eyebrows, eyes and lips permanent makeup techniques on their own or take our Exclusive Patent PMU Course that combine 2/3 techniques and saves you time and money. 

To find out more about the course details contact us on:

📱 +44 7404 783116


With Love,

Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy ❤️

By Polina Brezgina, March 2021

A beauty blogger is the owner of a blog where everything is directly or indirectly related to the beauty industry.

The first beauty blogs started in the early 2000s. Bloggers were starting to share their advice on cosmetics, personal care and product reviews. However, the real revolution came with the movement of bloggers to social networks, such as Instagram, YouTube and more recently, TikTok. 

Running a beauty blog

The founder of this revolution is considered to be the American makeup artist Michelle Phan, who created her own video blog on YouTube back to 2006. Many others followed her example. After owning their own websites and YouTube channels, beauty bloggers moved to Instagram, opening up great opportunities for communicating with the audience. TikTok has become the latest and newest broadcasting platform, where beauty influencers post mainly life hacks, DIY content, and quick make-ups.

Here at Moda Donna we also like to share our favourite beauty tips and advice with our audience. Many businesses might feel a need on starting a blog, but they might not know where to start, as not so many businesses write a blog about how to write a blog. So today we are sharing our experiences with you.

10 Steps on How to Start and Run a Beauty Blog for your Business.

1. First, start by choosing a clear topic for your blog: narrow down the “issue.”

First you need to understand that blogging will take a lot of time, effort, and of course, inspiration. Only a few people know that behind the scenes of the Instagram, there is the tremendous work done by the business for the subscribers to be genuinely interested in reading them.

Before starting a blog, determine the angle.

If you look at the statistics of the blog industry, you will be horrified by the number of blogs that float on the Internet. The beauty industry is a competitive environment. To add there are thousands and thousands of beauty and cosmetics companies.

A blog that creates a focus increases its chance of success. You can always expand your expertise later on, but for now, start narrow. Having a specialty will help differentiate your blog from others, as well as attract suitable readers who are more likely to return to your blog over and over again.

“Moda Donna Beauty Clinic & Beauty Academy specialises on permanent make up, laser hair removal, facials, aesthetics and professional beauty education. This is our niche, and we probably won’t cover a lot of content about manicure, pedicure and what lipstick brand is the best. That’s what makes us unique. We are professionals in our industry and write about what we know the best for the most qualitative content,” Donatas, Moda Donna Beauty Clinic & Beauty Academy director

Thus, try to concentrate on your area of the business, ask your employees to constantly share their expertise and you will be amazed how many people might be interested in reading about what seems to be “casual” and “obvious” for you.

2. Determine the goal and the platform your business beauty blog will be on.

Beauty Blog is a visual blog that requires a lot of videos and photos.

Start by specify the goal. It could be getting a particular number of subscribers in six months, increasing brand awareness, increasing monthly payments from customers, etc. It will also help you determine your platform choice.

When we’re talking about a beauty blog by a beauty business, it is important to have a blog section on your website. This allows people to read more about your expertise before purchasing from you and most importantly, drives traffic to your website. Other social networks and even messengers can also be a suitable place for surfacing blog content.

Social media for Beauty Blog

A blog is not necessarily articles and texts, it can also be video content and photo content. There is no better place for video content than YouTube. Here is a convenient video recommendation system, which itself shows your videos to interested users. Also, YouTube has detailed analytics on views, which allows you to understand what topics interest your viewers the most.

Another option is Instagram. If YouTube is focused on video content, then Instagram is created for publishing photos. Bloggers targeting a female audience work best on this social network. They make posts about health, beauty procedures, cosmetics, jewellery, make-up, workouts, etc. These themes are great for visual content.

There is also Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, and a number of online blogging platforms. Just choose what feels the best for you and for your targeted audience, and you are good to go.

3. Create the content plan for your new Online Beauty Diary.

A content plan is a pre-arranged schedule of posts for a social media platform, blog, or a website. In fact, this is a simple table with topics for articles or posts, as well as the day and time of their publishing. You can create a separate content plan for each platform, or you can make one general schedule. It all depends on your needs. Take into consideration that Instagram values beautiful images and video. However, according to research, Facebook users are rather tend to watch videos with an average length of 3-5 minutes. Such content is 59% more popular than the rest. 

We recommend making a content plan at least two weeks in advance

The purpose of creating a content plan as an SMM (Social Media Marketing) tool is for saving time and maintaining consistency. Nowadays, in order for your target audience to become potential, and then existing customers, you need to interest them not with discounts, promotions and sales, but with useful information. The content plan allows you to have regular publications of the most effective and valuable content that your target audience needs.

4. Make sure you post regularly. 

Moda Donna Beauty Clinic & Beauty Academy recommends posting beauty blogs and updates every week for your website and every 3 days for your social media

Regular posting is considered to be one of the main keys to the success of a beauty blog. Constantly updated blogs give their owners more interaction compared to those blogs where content is posted randomly and irregularly.

Are you wondering why regular posting is so important?

Firstly, one of the main reasons to post regularly is that social media algorithms reward unique and constantly updated content. If you post frequently and regularly, the smart feed will show posts to subscribers more often, and your reach will start to grow rapidly.

Secondly, the modern person is used to absorbing tons of information, that’s why they enjoy receiving consistent, fresh content. By subscribing to your page, users subconsciously generate a desire for frequent updates. If the blog gets silent, they are most likely to unsubscribe and eventually, follow competitor profiles.

Moda Donna Permanent Makeup and beauty Academy recommends to start your own beauty blog

5. Hire some freelancers to run the blog.

Delegate your work! Coming up with fresh ideas, photo and video content, writing posts and responding to the audience is a full-time job. Most successful businesses have already learned to pass that work to freelancers or hire copywriters to save that time to invest it into something else. There is plenty of other work to do for the beauty businesses, and despite the importance behind having your own beauty blog, delegate it to someone who specialises in that industry. 

Managing a beauty blog.

The main disadvantage of beauty blogging is the high level of competition. Getting followers to your profile can be tricky, even if it meets all the written and unwritten standards. In this industry, everything is very subjective and individual.

Not everyone is able to manage an account professionally right away, but if you manage to get the audience interested, you need to keep growing professionally. Any novice blogger should gain experience so that followers are interested in the business’s work and development.

Develop new skills in yourself: to work with an audience you need charisma and sometimes, acting skills, to be able to present yourself and your beauty business. Think about what your target audience wants, what they are interested in, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to experiment.

After the business’s beauty blog is created and the regular content is being posted, don’t forget about expanding your audience and promoting your blog. There are different methods about how to promote your blog and it is important to constantly grow your audience in order to bring new clients into your business. Keep tuned as the new blogpost about methods of growing your beauty blog is coming up soon.

Blogging is all about generating new ideas

We hope these tips will help you to figure out how to start and run a beauty blog, and we wish you only success on your way to run a blog for your business or become a beauty blogger.

For more inspiration, follow this link to read Moda Donna beauty blog. We are open for collaborations, partnerships and, of course, for likes & comments exchange. 🙂 

With Love,

Moda Donna

Beauty Clinic & Beauty Academy

Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy is happy to inform you that we are re-opening
after the third national lockdown.

As you all know, on 22nd February, the Prime Minister of the UK has announced
that on Monday 8th March, schools and colleges across England will re-open and
teaching in classrooms can start again.

During all this pandemic time, we have done our best to study Online. Still,
classical offline studying in groups and classes cannot be fully substituted, so we
are glad to announce that we are preparing to meet you again.

The new way of studying

First of all, we are fully aware and severe about all precautions measures, and we
make everything necessary so that our classrooms are fully modified to meet
government guidelines.

Due to new modification’s, there are specific rules to ensure that we are not
contributing to the spread of the virus, which are:

– all students will have their temperatures taken upon arrival;
– a reduced number of students in practical workspaces;
– students have to wear the correct PPE at all times around the building and during lessons;
– when completing functional studies, you will have to wear face masks,
gloves, and visors.

In case you feel having any symptoms like cough, bad headache, temperature,
please stay at home and do not come to the school. Inform us about symptoms via
phone call or email and get tested. Once you have received your test results, please
inform the administration team before your return. It is our primary duty to ensure the safety and comfort of all students and our staff.

Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy is committed to providing our students,
staff, and visitors’ well-being at all times.

According to government guidelines, all students should complete a lateral flow
test that should be completed twice-weekly if attending a full-time course.

Safety First

As you know, the beauty industry increases hygiene, health, and safety practices.
Hygiene in the cosmetics industry requires special disinfectants and cleaning
agents because even minimal contamination of surfaces, facilities, and equipment
offers an ideal breeding ground for germs of all kinds and can result in
contamination jeopardizing the results of production processes.

At Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy, all basic and high standards in health
and safety are taught and constantly practiced throughout all of our beauty courses.
Knowing these standards, you will enter the beauty industry with mindful hygiene

Time to Start a Beauty Career

If you are willing to start a new career in the beauty industry, you are on the right
track. Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy is happy to present classes and
courses to become a professional. Choose your beauty sphere, and we have the
necessary courses for you!

In Moda Donna Beauty Academy, you can choose from a range of more than 35
courses, masterclasses, and workshops. See all courses

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