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5 Steps on How to Start and Run a Beauty Blog for your Business – Moda Donna Beauty Academy Tips

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By Polina Brezgina, March 2021

A beauty blogger is the owner of a blog where everything is directly or indirectly related to the beauty industry.

The first beauty blogs started in the early 2000s. Bloggers were starting to share their advice on cosmetics, personal care and product reviews. However, the real revolution came with the movement of bloggers to social networks, such as Instagram, YouTube and more recently, TikTok. 

Running a beauty blog

The founder of this revolution is considered to be the American makeup artist Michelle Phan, who created her own video blog on YouTube back to 2006. Many others followed her example. After owning their own websites and YouTube channels, beauty bloggers moved to Instagram, opening up great opportunities for communicating with the audience. TikTok has become the latest and newest broadcasting platform, where beauty influencers post mainly life hacks, DIY content, and quick make-ups.

Here at Moda Donna we also like to share our favourite beauty tips and advice with our audience. Many businesses might feel a need on starting a blog, but they might not know where to start, as not so many businesses write a blog about how to write a blog. So today we are sharing our experiences with you.

10 Steps on How to Start and Run a Beauty Blog for your Business.

1. First, start by choosing a clear topic for your blog: narrow down the “issue.”

First you need to understand that blogging will take a lot of time, effort, and of course, inspiration. Only a few people know that behind the scenes of the Instagram, there is the tremendous work done by the business for the subscribers to be genuinely interested in reading them.

Before starting a blog, determine the angle.

If you look at the statistics of the blog industry, you will be horrified by the number of blogs that float on the Internet. The beauty industry is a competitive environment. To add there are thousands and thousands of beauty and cosmetics companies.

A blog that creates a focus increases its chance of success. You can always expand your expertise later on, but for now, start narrow. Having a specialty will help differentiate your blog from others, as well as attract suitable readers who are more likely to return to your blog over and over again.

“Moda Donna Beauty Clinic & Beauty Academy specialises on permanent make up, laser hair removal, facials, aesthetics and professional beauty education. This is our niche, and we probably won’t cover a lot of content about manicure, pedicure and what lipstick brand is the best. That’s what makes us unique. We are professionals in our industry and write about what we know the best for the most qualitative content,” Donatas, Moda Donna Beauty Clinic & Beauty Academy director

Thus, try to concentrate on your area of the business, ask your employees to constantly share their expertise and you will be amazed how many people might be interested in reading about what seems to be “casual” and “obvious” for you.

2. Determine the goal and the platform your business beauty blog will be on.

Beauty Blog is a visual blog that requires a lot of videos and photos.

Start by specify the goal. It could be getting a particular number of subscribers in six months, increasing brand awareness, increasing monthly payments from customers, etc. It will also help you determine your platform choice.

When we’re talking about a beauty blog by a beauty business, it is important to have a blog section on your website. This allows people to read more about your expertise before purchasing from you and most importantly, drives traffic to your website. Other social networks and even messengers can also be a suitable place for surfacing blog content.

Social media for Beauty Blog

A blog is not necessarily articles and texts, it can also be video content and photo content. There is no better place for video content than YouTube. Here is a convenient video recommendation system, which itself shows your videos to interested users. Also, YouTube has detailed analytics on views, which allows you to understand what topics interest your viewers the most.

Another option is Instagram. If YouTube is focused on video content, then Instagram is created for publishing photos. Bloggers targeting a female audience work best on this social network. They make posts about health, beauty procedures, cosmetics, jewellery, make-up, workouts, etc. These themes are great for visual content.

There is also Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, and a number of online blogging platforms. Just choose what feels the best for you and for your targeted audience, and you are good to go.

3. Create the content plan for your new Online Beauty Diary.

A content plan is a pre-arranged schedule of posts for a social media platform, blog, or a website. In fact, this is a simple table with topics for articles or posts, as well as the day and time of their publishing. You can create a separate content plan for each platform, or you can make one general schedule. It all depends on your needs. Take into consideration that Instagram values beautiful images and video. However, according to research, Facebook users are rather tend to watch videos with an average length of 3-5 minutes. Such content is 59% more popular than the rest. 

We recommend making a content plan at least two weeks in advance

The purpose of creating a content plan as an SMM (Social Media Marketing) tool is for saving time and maintaining consistency. Nowadays, in order for your target audience to become potential, and then existing customers, you need to interest them not with discounts, promotions and sales, but with useful information. The content plan allows you to have regular publications of the most effective and valuable content that your target audience needs.

4. Make sure you post regularly. 

Moda Donna Beauty Clinic & Beauty Academy recommends posting beauty blogs and updates every week for your website and every 3 days for your social media

Regular posting is considered to be one of the main keys to the success of a beauty blog. Constantly updated blogs give their owners more interaction compared to those blogs where content is posted randomly and irregularly.

Are you wondering why regular posting is so important?

Firstly, one of the main reasons to post regularly is that social media algorithms reward unique and constantly updated content. If you post frequently and regularly, the smart feed will show posts to subscribers more often, and your reach will start to grow rapidly.

Secondly, the modern person is used to absorbing tons of information, that’s why they enjoy receiving consistent, fresh content. By subscribing to your page, users subconsciously generate a desire for frequent updates. If the blog gets silent, they are most likely to unsubscribe and eventually, follow competitor profiles.

Moda Donna Permanent Makeup and beauty Academy recommends to start your own beauty blog

5. Hire some freelancers to run the blog.

Delegate your work! Coming up with fresh ideas, photo and video content, writing posts and responding to the audience is a full-time job. Most successful businesses have already learned to pass that work to freelancers or hire copywriters to save that time to invest it into something else. There is plenty of other work to do for the beauty businesses, and despite the importance behind having your own beauty blog, delegate it to someone who specialises in that industry. 

Managing a beauty blog.

The main disadvantage of beauty blogging is the high level of competition. Getting followers to your profile can be tricky, even if it meets all the written and unwritten standards. In this industry, everything is very subjective and individual.

Not everyone is able to manage an account professionally right away, but if you manage to get the audience interested, you need to keep growing professionally. Any novice blogger should gain experience so that followers are interested in the business’s work and development.

Develop new skills in yourself: to work with an audience you need charisma and sometimes, acting skills, to be able to present yourself and your beauty business. Think about what your target audience wants, what they are interested in, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to experiment.

After the business’s beauty blog is created and the regular content is being posted, don’t forget about expanding your audience and promoting your blog. There are different methods about how to promote your blog and it is important to constantly grow your audience in order to bring new clients into your business. Keep tuned as the new blogpost about methods of growing your beauty blog is coming up soon.

Blogging is all about generating new ideas

We hope these tips will help you to figure out how to start and run a beauty blog, and we wish you only success on your way to run a blog for your business or become a beauty blogger.

For more inspiration, follow this link to read Moda Donna beauty blog. We are open for collaborations, partnerships and, of course, for likes & comments exchange. 🙂 

With Love,

Moda Donna

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