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Choosing the Right Eyebrow Shape for Different Face Shapes

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Eyebrows are one of the defining factors that allow you to highlight the beauty of your client. Correctly selected shape of eyebrows according to the type of face will hide small nuances and correct imperfections.

When looking for the perfect eyebrow shape, it is important to achieve a harmonious balance between what is given by nature (natural brow bend is a clue to listen to) and what one wants to get depending on the type of face. All of them require a different approach to the correction of the shape of the eyebrows, and it is no coincidence: if you do it correctly, you can noticeably soften some of the shortcomings that your client wanted to hide or, conversely, turn them into advantages.

Eyebrows can both emphasize the beautiful features of the face, making it visually slimmer and tighter, or spoil the shape and even the whole appearance. Therefore, do not rush to adjust your client’s eyebrows without knowing the basics of drawing the eyebrow shapes. To get started, read our article and listen to expert advice on how to choose the shape of the eyebrows for different types of face shape.

The main types of eyebrows shapes.

Eyebrow trends change as often as fashion trends. In this matter, it is extremely important not only to follow the trends, but also to choose the shape that suits your client. What are the most common shapes of eyebrows?

◌ Straight – horizontal lines without any bends;

◌ S-shaped (curved) – the most difficult type of eyebrow, which can only be done by an experienced master. Looks very elegant;

◌ Angled – the classic shape, which is an ascending smooth line, the outer tip of which is much thinner than the head;

◌ Rounded – soft, with a smooth arch in the middle;

◌ Ascending – do not have a bend, their tail tends upward.

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Choosing the Eyebrows Shape for Round Face

The dream of many girls with this face shape is chiseled cheekbones instead of rounded cheeks, no matter how cute and charming they look from the outside. Therefore, they overuse contouring, trying to at least visually make their cheeks more sunken. But you are much more likely to get sculpted facial features if you shape the eyebrows with a graceful break. They should have a corner and a pointed “tail”. Since round faced people, as a rule, do not have sharp facial features, such eyebrows look especially expressive in their case, bringing charm to the face. 

Short To Medium Hairstyles For Round Face Shape Pi

Choosing the Eyebrows Shape for Oval Face

The oval shape is considered ideal for a reason; almost all types of eyebrows are perfect for them. Perhaps the only exception is straight wide eyebrows – they make the features rough, and also visually shorten the oval.

We advise you to take a closer look at the following options:

◌ Angled – they give the look of romance and femininity. The main thing is to make the corner soft and smooth. An overly sharp bend can make the gaze harsh and even somewhat vicious;

◌ Straight – visually smooth out some oblongness of the oval shape and make it rounder. Remember that the shape must be symmetrical. But in order to soften the gaze and not make it gloomy, slightly pinch an eyebrow inside, this will raise the arch and open client’s eyes;

◌ Arched – this eyebrow shape will make sharp features softer. To make the round shape of the eyebrows perfect, be sure to think about the ratio of its main indicators – the length, width and height of the arch. 

Jessica Alba

Choosing the Shape of the Eyebrows for the Square Shape

The “square” shape is characterized by a clear geometry of the eyebrows. Highlighted cheekbones and forehead should be softened with a semicircular, soft arch of the eyebrows. In this case, they will add femininity, charm to the image. Choose a medium length of the brow arch, not too thick, but not sparse either. No sharp corners and extremely natural color. You will see, you will get a delightful complex result.

Experts recommend making the bend angle raised high. Ideally, it should be located above the outer tip of the eye or above its middle. The tip can be made a little longer than usual – you should avoid short lines. In terms of width, stick to medium or slightly larger. Thin “strings” are not allowed – square faces will look ridiculous with them. However, this also applies to wide horizontal eyebrows, which expand the square and make it rough. 

Olivia Wilde

Choosing the Eyebrows Shape for Triangle Face Shape

Clients with the “triangle” shape need to visually narrow the wide cheekbones and forehead. To do this, avoid overly long lines. For triangle face shape, the most beautiful shape is the S-shaped (curved) eyebrows. However, to create them, the client should have natural eyebrow features such as good density and natural bend. To create a S-shaped eyebrows follow these instructions:

◌  Work on the arch. Remove hair from the inside of the bend creating a nice corner;

◌  Pluck the hairs above the middle of the eyebrow to create a deflection;

◌  Curl the tip inward and make the brow shorter. 

Choosing the Eyebrows Shape for Heart Shape

With a triangular type of face, the forehead is especially noticeable, it seems “heavy” due to the fact that the upper part of the face is larger than the lower one. A well-chosen eyebrow shape should fix this. Firstly, It should not be straight. Secondly, try to either make them arched, or with a slight lift of the “tails” up. If they will “look” down, the face will have a sad look.

Try to visually round your client’s chin with a rounded eyebrow shape and you will see how much a client will transform! Moderately dense, oval arches of medium depth of the arch without strong bends will favorably emphasize the face. This solution is perfect. A large density of hairs is permissible. It will look not only good, but also fashionable. 

Reese Witherspoon Inverted Triangle Face

Choosing the Eyebrows Shape for Rectangular Shape

The ideal eyebrow shape for a rectangular face is wide and straight. They should not be positioned too close to each other, because this will make your face even longer and narrower. To correct this nuance, pluck the hairs near the nose, and make the tail moderately thin. Ascending lines with a light arch, which will soften the look, will be no less beautiful option for the “rectangle” face shape. But high arcs and sharp bends are completely inappropriate. 

Avoid rough curves and bends by favoring smooth brow lines. Owners of a rectangular face, as well as a square one, should visually soften the geometry. Therefore, you should not choose sharp corners in the brow arch and choose the classics.

Rectangle Face Shape

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