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Different Skin Types In Permanent Make Up

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To choose of a permanent makeup technique correctly, the master should take into consideration the client’s skin type. The duration of the effect and the healing process largely depend on this choice. In this article, we’ll discuss the nuances that should be taken into account.


Visually noticeable feature of oily skin is excessive shine, enlarged pores, a tendency to inflammation and redness. Such skin is usually quite thick and dense, and the pigment should be applied a bit deeper than into normal or dry skin due to a coarse texture. With surface work on the oily skin, there is a risk of poor fixation of the pigment and it is likely that the finest “hairs” will distort or disappear during healing.

The ideal technique for this skin type is shading with soft, non-graphic edges. However, when the client is 40 years old and more, the processes of sebum secretion normalize. The skin becomes dehydrated and the tattoo will be worn for longer. For oily skin owners, there are also some features of permanent makeup care. If the client wants to prolong life of the permanent makeup, they should abandon alcohol-containing cosmetics, use sunscreens and do not peel in the place where the pigment lies.


Age-related processes in the skin make it drier. For aged skinclient’s “hair” techniques are not recommended. For those clients whose skin is not very rough, any method of micropigmentation is suitable. The master should be extremely careful and do everything possible to prevent creases and the passage of lines through wrinkles. It is also important not to overdo the lines with colour – it is better to add brightness to the corrections than to do too decorative permanent makeup in the first procedure, it is contraindicated for an age-related person. The features of aged skin are low sensitivity, slowing down in the epidermal renewal processes.


Girls with dry skin are lucky when it comes to permanent makeup. They can choose any technique and the makeup will be worn for a long time. Visually, the owners of this skin type are easily distinguished by their luminous, transparent skin, the abundance of crow’s feet and fine wrinkles, the absence of visible pores and oily sheen. Dry, parchment skin is very “tenacious”, the pigment seizes instantly and leaves more slowly. The master should not apply the pigment densely and should work as if by spraying it. Many clients with dry skin do not need to undergo a correction procedure, even hair tattooing is perfect and easily worn for about two years.

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