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Free “COVID-19” Course: how to beat anxiety and how to get back to work safely!

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Coronavirus pandemic not only changed the world’s usual lifestyle but also brought people’s anxiety to the utmost level. Everyday news and statistics is still not comforting and global chaos just seems to grow bigger. Despite the fact that it is really hard to deal with so much information and integrate with a totally new way of living we somehow managed to get it through and today the world is trying to get back on track. Slowly but surely we are facing a new reality and our anxiety is starting to subside. Still, a lot of work ahead but it is just the way the world is in 2020.

Let’s Get Back to Life with Moda Donna Beauty Academy & Clinic

To make our transition from lockdown to the business mood as easy as possible, Moda Donna Beauty Academy & Clinic is happy to announce that we are launching a new, exciting and free Online course COVID-19 COURSE.

Everything you need and want to know about modern beauty routine, health care, and all legal issues concerning COVID 19, we are glad to invite you to join our online courses that are dedicated to HOT topics. We will tell you everything about:

  • What local government and national regulations salons should follow prior to reopening;
  • Social distancing protocols;
  • General rules applicable to beauty salons regarding occupancy level etc.

Why We Have Created This Course?

This course is created to provide current and actual information for the Beauty industry. Facing the new reality all of us should be aware of important notions and possible circumstances. Our prior duty is to create as safe and pleasant space in beauty salons and clinics as possible and we are happy to encourage you to do that and provide you with all important and necessary information

We know that studies of COVID-19 are still ongoing, and the instruments in these guidelines is subject to change. Guidelines provided in this course may need to be changed by adjusting with new recommendations or changes from the Government.

What are the Key Topics of the Course?

By completing this course you will increase your personal knowledge of how modern business works. This will help you to feel more confident at work and furthermore your clients will feel more confident and safe too while coming and staying at procedures. Win-win situation.

During the course you will learn:

· What is coronavirus?

· How are coronaviruses spread?

· Symptoms of Covid19.

· Who is at Risk?

· People at Higher Risk.

· Making Clients and Staff feel safer.

· PPE.

· Reducing Risk.

· Respiratory Hygiene/Cough Etiquette.

· Before Reopening.

· Disinfecting tools.

At the end of “COVID 19” course, all students will get an online E-Certificate of successfully finished course that can be printed immediately at any time. 

You remember, it is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE and online only.

Sign up to you free course “COVID 19” from Moda Donna Beauty Academy & Clinic right now.

What This Course Will Give You

The new reality and daily routine are now being strictly controlled by public authorities and modern life dictates strict social rules. For example, the UK government has already announced new measures for lifting the lockdown. Yes, this can cause new problems and some issues concerning people’s mental health (anxiety level issues) but it is our duty to be responsible and conscious about COVID situation, about ourselves and about people who surround us, especially about our clients as our Beauty sphere is extremely delicate to a subject matter. What we have to learn to is to live with it but we also must deal with it in our daily work that is supposed to be safe. 

One of the main social rules at all times stays the same: wash your hands frequently, keep necessary social distance from others at all times and wear face masks and gloves and keep calm. No need to think that worrying can serve a useful purpose. A better solution is your ability to be proactive about a situation and be effective. For example, just go on and register to out FREE ONLINE COURSE right now, and we will tell you all about it and you will learn how to cope with the situation at your personal best. 

Beauty issues are still very vulnerable questions for some clients. Why? Despite numerous events that take place in the world today people keep reading news and stories about coronavirus and continue worrying that they might get infected if they go back to work or visit beauty salon etc. Not only it affects people’s mental health it also affects your clinic’s and your personal revenue due to customer churn.

An interesting fact: the more the person indulges the obsessions, the more he or she begins to lose control of it. (a kind of behavior that is called — obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

OCS is a state when a person is unable to control her thoughts and loses power over actions. A good way to prevent this situation is to control what one can control. No matter how hard we try, sometimes it is absolutely impossible to completely protect yourself and get a total power under the situation. As paradoxically as it sounds: letting go of control is a way of gaining it back. But this is the kind of information we are supposed to bring to our customers, comfort them and prove that the modern beauty sphere and service are more than save when everything is done in accordance with social distancing protocols.

This is an important question we are studying during our free online courses that you can sign up right now and be on the safe side as together we will learn all these questions and you will get the necessary solutions.

Join The Professionals

Another important reason to join our free online “COVID 19” course is to get actual and helpful information from certified professionals that are happy to share their tips and life hacks on how to go on during these challenging times and how to be a winner at any circumstances.

We have joined a team of different specialists from doctors to coaches and qualified tutors that are available for you. The certificate you get – actually means a lot. We offer knowledge and treatments.

Besides, this is so convenient: you can learn from home and all you need is to find a quiet cozy place at home, your laptop or iPad, your time and full attention.

Still hesitating on signing up for our free course? Click the link and save the date.

Be sure you will get important and valuable information that will help you to restart your business safely and healthy at all levels. 

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