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How to Start a Career in the Beauty Industry.

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Today, cosmetology is one of the most promising professions.

Here are just a few facts:

  • The Minister of State for Employment in the UK has reported that beauty & cosmetology professions is one of the most demanded professions.
  • The largest recruiting agencies in the UK regularly call beauty expert one of the highest paid professions in the country.
  • According to a survey, 200,000 working professionals described beauty as the happiest profession: beauticians get more pleasure from their work than lawyers, managers, bankers, oil workers and government officials.

Beauty industry has survived the crisis well: the average salaries of cosmetologists have been growing for the last two years, and the number of vacancies has remained at the pre-crisis level. While bank employees, travel agents and sales managers were cut off by the hundreds, beauticians continued to make money even after the crisis.

In order to start your career in the beauty industry, it is necessary, first, to determine the future direction of your activity. After that, choose a place of study and after acquiring the necessary skills, develop further in this area. The most important point in this case is the choice of teachers and the place of training. The beauty academy “Moda Donna Beauty Academy” offers a very wide range in the choice of direction for training. On the website of the company you can familiarise yourself with all the training conditions in more detail, as well as choose the necessary courses for yourself.

Are you interested in the profession of a beautician, but don’t know where to start? We are starting a series of publications to help you navigate the world of Beauty.

Does a career in beauty suits me at all?

It is no secret that in order to make a successful career in a particular field, it is necessary to have certain personal qualities and, depending on the chosen profession, the desirable and required qualities can be quite diverse.

What kind of people are attracted to the beautiful service industry?

Here are some general characteristics that will help you understand that you are on the right path, that it will actually be useful for you to complete, for example, permanent makeup courses (or, on the other hand, make you think whether it is the right choice for you):

  • You are sociable and love people. Yes, yes, your work will be primarily associated with people, so it is extremely important to really love to communicate and generally to love people, otherwise the task that you face is to make them even more beautiful will be performed with great difficulty. How sad, for example, to observe rude and unfriendly administrators in beauty salons, who, in theory, are guides for clients who came to the salon to become even more beautiful.
  • You are stress-resistant and positive. This is an obligatory quality, because the sphere of beautiful services is working with people, while most of the clients are women, who might be picky and demanding, and accordingly, expect a lot from the work of a master. A positive and light character will help you. Firstly, it is easier for positively charged people to endure minor stresses and solve troubles without conflict, and secondly, clients come and become permanent with masters like that, as after all, there are enough grumpy people in life and the beauty industry is a refuge from negativity and a place of spiritual and aesthetic relaxation for clients.
  • You are curious and love studying. All professions in the beauty industry are associated with fashion trends more or less, and fashion is very unstable. It is important for masters to be constantly at the peak of events, to be aware of new technologies and trends. Therefore, it is important to invest in your education, attend relevant trainings and seminars and constantly develop. So you can stay on top of the wave and be competitive in a fairly high competition among beauticians and beauty businesses. The good news is, It’s worth fighting for, work in the beauty industry is considered a highly paid job.
  • You are a creative person. Almost all successful people have a creative mindset, a penchant for creativity and the creation of something new and beautiful. New creative ideas help not only to become richer and outperform your competitors, but also to become simply happier.

Start with choosing a direction.

So, how to achieve success in the career of a beautician, aesthetician, makeup master, nail technician, laser specialist or any other beauty specialist? First, find your own niche. Today in London there is a large number of various educational institutions and courses. Among them, you can find either short-term express training programs (for example, chemical peel masterclass)  as well as long-term courses that allow you to learn beauty with zero experience behind the back (for example, VTCT Level 2 Facial Skincare Course).   

This career gives you freedom of choosing the direction, great flexibility in time and place. You can work with any national or international brands and climb the professional ladder. You can also work in popular beauty salons, spas, clinics. Moreover, this is one profession that gives you the opportunity to become your own boss or become a successful entrepreneur and salon owner.

What are the beauty professions there?

  • Beautician/Cosmetologist
  • Aesthetician
  • Permanent Make-Up Master
  • Hair Removal Specialist
  • Eyebrow & Eyelash Artist
  • Masseur
  • Stylist
  • Nail service master
  • Hairdresser
  • Barber
  • And much more!

Is investment required to start?

With little or limited investment, you can work from home, but investment is still necessary. Think about purchasing all the required materials, renting a space to perform your services, getting all the necessary insurances, certificates and documentations ready.

After deciding on what direction you’d like to go, whether it will be employment in the beauty salon or starting your own business, you should be ready to make an investment. For example, you can open your own salon or take a franchise and become a successful entrepreneur. In such cases, you need to take into account many factors that in the future will affect the efficiency of your enterprise. The main ones are:

  •       amount of investments;
  •       location;
  •       range of services;
  •       marketing and promotion;
  •       selection of staff;
  •       training;
  •       salon management.

This flexibility in terms of time, investment and the size of your business is something that perhaps no other profession offers. You can continually update and expand your knowledge with new courses and technologies to stay on top of new trends.

In any case, it is better to start with yourself first, as you must learn foundation and advanced knowledge in order to perform your services.

How much do beauticians earn?

Permanent makeup artists are one of the most demanded masters on the market. An average procedure takes about 2 hours, and you can earn from £250 to £500 per session. And now try to count if with the right qualifications, experience and marketing you take 2-3 clients a day 5 times a week. I am sure you can do the maths yourself and count how much you could earn. 😉 And this is far not the top you can reach. 

If you decide to be a beautician in the beauty salon/clinic, you could expect about £12/hour + commission and tips. Working full-time will give you an opportunity to earn a salary that is higher than the average UK’s salary, plus benefits, such as space, materials, no marketing fees and colleagues with similar interests to yours. 

Whatever path you choose, you’d benefit from being in that industry in any way. 

The realities you might face.

But not everything is as bright as it might seem at first glance. The sphere of beauty is a daily hard work that requires full dedication. And also patience, professionalism, constant self-improvement and development. Without the desire to study, immerse yourself in the profession and constantly improve the level of skill, it is unlikely that something will work. Although, this is really a real opportunity to build your own business with minimal investment at the start.

How to choose an Institution for training.

It is important to understand that you cannot start without special qualifications. The more prestigious a school or educational institution is, the better. It is certainly not desirable to save on this. If the applicant shows himself on the good side, then he may also get an employment after the course. At the end of the course, the new specialist must be issued a diploma or certificate. Otherwise, it will be difficult to prove your qualifications. The most well-known qualifications in the UK are VTCT, NVQ, ABT and CPD. These are certificates you want to aim at getting.

When choosing a centre for training in the specialities of the field of beauty, you should pay attention to many points. Looking for a good beauty school or permanent makeup courses? Reviews from current specialists who have already graduated from a number of trainings will greatly simplify the task. Do not forget to inquire about the availability of certificates, as well as the teaching staff and technical background.

PMU & Beauty Academy Moda Donna is ready to provide all conditions for comfortable training of cosmetologists, skincare specialists, aestheticians, laser hair removal therapists, permanent makeup artists and much more! The teaching is carried out by experienced and well-known professionals with many years of practical experience. The classrooms and territory of the academy have the necessary equipment and materials for practical training.

To Sum Up

Professions related to the beauty industry will always be relevant. People want to be beautiful, today it is in trend to take care of yourself. The main thing is that the master should love his work, constantly develop and does not mark time. Even with a small budget, you can learn the basics of the profession in a few days and get to work. Many people today are looking for themselves in terms of a profession, want to work for themselves, and the beauty industry is a good option for an experiment.

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