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Karolina Vilmane, a founder at Lash Zone, London About Eyelash Extensions, Modern Trends and Her Very Own Concept of Eyelash Courses.

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Karolina Vilmane, a founder at Lash Zone, London About Eyelash Extensions, Modern Trends and Her Very Own Concept of Eyelash Courses.

Lash extensions have become enormously common in recent years. Women all over the globe from A-class celebrities and stars to your girlfriend, colleagues or women you see on the street are preferring Eyelash extension. Ladies universally are obtaining beautifully full and long lashes with lash extensions that helps them to look more beautiful and confident.

Karolina Vilmane
Tutor / Eyelash extension expert

If you’re wondering whether you should try it out yourself, we have decided to have a small talk with a real professional of this sphere – Karolina Vilmane, a founder at Lash Zone. We decided to have an essential talk about everything you need to know about Eyelash extension before diving into this world and getting glued. Check out this interview and feel free to leave your comments or questions below the article. 

Hello Karolina, just for the beginning, a small intro for our readers to understand your qualifications and experience.

Hello to you, too. I am a founder at Lash Zone, based in London. I have been doing eyelash extensions for the past five years, and now over that really long period of time, I have developed my very own concept, vision, and individual techniques.

So, nowadays you are working in accordance with your own technique, right?

Right. This is not just a simple technique. It so much more. Like, the main vision of my concept is to completely change the current way of educating lash technicians.

To completely change? Wow. That sounds huge. Tell us more about our own concept. What is so special about it?

Well, is sounds huge but in real life it is pretty simple and logical. My main rule is to combine theory and practice at once. Many courses can be overloaded with theory only. The concept of my course is that individual who gains my certificate can start working as a technician straight away. I assess what type of knowledge and skills an individual has already, I’m able to fill in all the gaps she has by providing necessary theoretical knowledge and showing practical skills and how to deal with all the arising difficulties they might have.

That sounds really challenging. It is true that many courses are mainly focused on theory without much practice further due. Yes, you can really improve your knowledge but what about practice?

Right. Exactly. Most of the students who do beginners course fear coming in physical contact with a client whereas my individually tailored approach helps them “break the ice” and start working confidently.

“Break the Ice technique” – sounds really insightful. How exactly do you help your students to gain necessary skills?

Well, my foundation course covers all the aspects of technical work that is needed for a specialist to be a good technician, that’s including the specifics of different natural lash types and direction of the lash growth, correct attachment of extension to make them last 4+ weeks, the ability to select the right glue for a different type of technique (that depends solely on lash technician individual working style and speed). My course also covers the aspects of selecting the correct lash design to enhance the client’s eyes and hide imperfections to boost their confidence to underline the best facial features.

So, basically, it is not only the eye-lash technique you are studying but psychology as well?

In a way yes. Sure. That is an obligatory skill every professional master should obtain. Sometimes you need to be more than just a physiologist because when your client says that he/she doesn’t know what exactly she wants – it is your duty to consider the client’s mood, his personality, his likes and dislikes and of course his facial architecture. At the end of the day – you are not just an eyelash artist, you’re a master that helps people to gain new facial expressions.  

Yes, true. But let’s talk about eyelash treatment. Can you single out some cons and pros? Maybe some issues every lady should know before having done it?

Like any other beauty treatment or anything else in this world, eyelash extensions can have both pros and cons. Their biggest benefit, however, is the way they look. No one can deny that eyelash extension is a great way to get the lashes of your dreams without having to apply them every morning. It really helps to save the time that girls and women spend on their makeup routine. You won’t need to curl your lashes or apply mascara. It is a real timesaver. But on the other hand, having lashes you do need maintenance, though, including regular brushing, special cleansing and sometimes even blow-drying. It is important to underline that they’re incredibly long-lasting, but eyelash extensions also involve regular touch-ups, which costs money.

Is it lucrative to have eyelash extension? I mean in comparison to buying mascara and stuff?

It depends. In a way yes, it may be somewhat pricey, but a lot of women find that they’re worth the investment and eyelash extension provide great results. But yet again, it all depends on your personal vision of beauty, finances, etc.

Ok. And what about your natural lashes? How harmful is that or how bad it is for them?

It’s a very common misconception and many believe that eyelash extensions can damage your natural lashes. First of all, when extensions are applied correctly and not pulled out, they will not damage your lashes or your eyes at all. One must always remember to visit a professional technician for the application. Do not cheap price over quality. It is your face and it is your look. Another question is about the material. The glue used in the process is safe but some women can experience allergic reactions. A technician should always ask and be sure that he and the client are on the safe side. If a client is experiencing any stinging or pain the technician should pause the procedure.

All clear. But Is it a painful process in general?

Getting eyelash extensions should always be a pain-free experience when done right. If you’re concerned about the sensitivity of your eyes, make sure to ask your lash technician about the glue before beginning. The glue shouldn’t contain anything to harm your eyes, for example, formaldehyde.

What are the Types of Eyelash Extensions one can have?

In general, there are three types of eyelash extensions: synthetic, silk and mink. If you don’t know what to choose – consult with your technician. He will help you to find the correct option in order to get the desired results. Some technicians like to use a synthetic and silk combination while others stick to one or the other.

Very interesting and what about their length?

Eyelash extensions can come in a range of sizes from around 6mm to 17mm. The length and thickness of the eyelash extensions also depend on your natural lashes. When a client wants to remain her lashes healthy, it’s best to start with smaller and fewer extensions and add more later. In any case, one needs some time to get used to them. It may feel unusual in the beginning but then it feels absolutely natural.

And how often do you need to get them re-done?

It is very individual but generally six to eight weeks. Actually eyelash extensions are very long-lasting and with the right maintenance, it can serve you a long time. To ensure they always look their best, I would have suggested getting light touch-ups every three to four weeks. It is also very important not to pick or pull at your extensions as this can ruin both them and your natural lashes.

Well, it all sounds pretty legit and simple. I bet you always have a lot of learners during your courses that want to make this world more beautiful.

Yes, we really try to do our personal best and to make each other happy.

And one final question. Karolina, do you classify yourself as an ambitious person?

Well, sure. I am an ambitious person. I have always wanted to become the best technician on the market. And I’ve undergone advanced courses with:

–          The beauty Academy – Foundation course in the eyelash extension

–          Lash Harmony – Advanced technique of Russian volume eyelash extensions

–          Sophie training center – Perfect Russian Volume eyelash extensions

–          Sophie training center – “Lash-to-Lash” technique

–          Lashes VIS A VIS – Mega volume

–          Lashes VIS A VIS – Asian eyelid technique in eyelash extensions

–          Anna Agarkova – Perfect Russian volume

–          Iskusnyh LAsh school – completed online marathon “Perfect Look – working with asymmetry”

–          Margarita Trofimova – online webinar – secrets of work with L and M curl

–          IQ Malinina – online webinar – Russian volume technique adoption to tweezers

–          Luxury Lashes by Natalya Morozova – online webinar Russian volume techniques

–          Madlen beauty – Kim K and Flash effect secrets

–          Dalila Lashes – Henna eyebrow modeling

–          Lash Inc Academy – Lash Educator diploma

–          Moda donna beauty academy – Micropigmentation course

And that gave me the confidence to show my skills and compete in the following competitions:

–          Lash Battle 2017 – 1st place in Classic technique

–          Lash Battle 2017 – 3rd place in 2D Russian volume

–          Lash Social UK – 1st place in Russian volume expert’s category

–          Participation in Baltic Beauty LAsh&Brow conference 2018

–          Lash Inc Academy – Accreditation and verification

It all sates that you are real professional and your courses is not just work but a real lifestyle and philosophy. We wish you to have lots of grateful and happy learners to become so skilful and professional as you are. 

Would you like to pursue your career in the beauty industry, too? Check our online and offline PMU & Beauty courses to get yourself closer to your dream.

With Love,

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