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Russian Lips Masterclass

We are so excited to share good news with you – a new Russian Lips Technique masterclass has been added to the list of our courses. You asked about it and we could not leave it unattended.

Please note, only experienced estheticians who have completed the Foundations in Dermal Fillers course and have VTCT Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology can sign up for training. The program is intensive but very informative and interactive. Our master Agne is very experienced and has already made thousands of customers happy. You can learn a lot of interesting “tricks” from her.

You can sign up for a masterclass by calling on +447404783116 or by writing to us at

The next one will be on 4 December 2022. Sign up now. Limited spaces.

„A smile costs less electricity, but gives the same amount of light.”

Henri Antoine Grouet (Abbé Pierre)

Try on the characher of a magical fairy and equip your Cinderellas with chic lips to smile!


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