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We are VTCT Approved Beauty Academy.

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Congrats to Us – We are VTCT Approved Beauty Academy.

Moda Donna PMU & Beauty Academy is happy to announce that after long years of experience in the beauty industry we are now officially a VTCT APPROVED International training center. A new educational season will start to provide courses from March 2020.

What does VTCT APPROVED mean?

VTCT – is the Vocational Training Charitable Trust, an awarding organization (Government-approved) that has been awarding world-class qualifications since 1962, and has been at the forefront of developing the vocational system in the UK. Vocational. There are more than 2,000 approved centers worldwide, VTCT has an ever-expanding list of centers all over the UK and Ireland, with a growing international presence.

VTCT license means an internationally recognized diploma that gives an opportunity to work abroad around the world. Any Beauty Academy that has a VTCT status approved – provides high-quality education and qualifications for the service industries.

We realize that today the world is undergoing some very unusual that we have never thought about but we’re here to support you and we want you to know that after this whole story is finally over – we can meet again in our regular schedule.

Meanwhile, we would like to inform you about our plans for the future and tell a few words about our Beauty Academy.

As you can see, this is a great moment for all of us as VTCT achievement not only proves that we are on the right track but also the fact that our hard work is truly appreciated and recognized. For more than 6 years we are running both a Beauty Clinic and Beauty Academy, providing professional tutorials in the beauty sphere with new technologies and treatments for those who are willing to join the magnificent world of Beauty and SPA. Not only we improve the working process but we are constantly focused on making the educational process integral and viral. Knowing that for some people entering an Academy can be a truly big decision in making a decision where to study for a brand new or existing career in the beauty sphere!

One thing we can advise you – consider your training at our Beauty Academy as an investment in your future which we truly hope and strive to provide at the best possible level.

We work FOR you and we work WITH you

Our Beauty Academy is one of the largest private educational establishments in Britain, focused on various make-up and beauty therapy education.

It is important to notice that we always keep in mind our fast, modern and busy lifestyle that can be an obstacle on the way of going into professional beauty training due to many factors. The most common factors are – financing, current working schedule, etc.

In spite of all these reasons we truly believe that every person should be given the opportunity to attend courses. New training allows you to escalate your confidence and personal self-esteem, employability, skills set, customer satisfaction and a monthly profit as a result.  

Our Beauty Academy timetable can be characterized as flexible which means that every learner has an opportunity to undergo the necessary courses during the most convenient time.

Today, learners at Moda Donna Beauty Academy can choose from a range of more than 35 courses, masterclasses, and workshops whereas a number of student from all parts of the world including also USA, Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom, Ireland, Latvia, Germany and number of countries are extending every day.

All of the courses held in our Beauty Academy are held in accordance with the latest educational techniques where every training includes also consultation, deep theory knowledge, practical training, and aftercare.

What tutorials one can visit:

·         Moda Donna Beauty Academy is an official distributor and tutor for “WOW Brows” Germany as well as distributors for Microbeau (PMU pigments, machines, etc.).

·         Permanent Make-Up courses. Machine techniques for eyes, lips, and brows as well as manual techniques for brows only. Our “star tutor” Olga Mankovskaia created her own technique for lips called “Juicy Lips”

·         The only one “Diamond Blading” technique Course providers in the UK Secondly Eyelash Extension Courses the variation of different courses for beginner and advanced from Classic Eyelash Extension to Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Courses After finishing the course you’re getting your accredited diploma which gives you an ability to work in the UK.

·         An advanced Beauty Therapists with all types of masterclasses to increase your knowledge in Laser, Chemical Peel procedure and a lot more aesthetic masterclasses.

 You can apply for the next courses:

✔️ VTCT Level 2 Award in Facial Massage and Skincare

✔️ VTCT Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Beauty Therapy General

✔️ VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Facial Electrotherapy

✔️ VTCT Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Beauty Therapy General

✔️ VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Enhancing Eyebrows with Microblading Techniques

✔️ VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Micropigmentation

✔️ VTCT Level 4 Diploma in Permanent Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation

All beauty tutors in our Academy have a minimum of 4 years of industry experience in its field and are recognized specialists with licensed state qualifications.

Why is our team so strong?

Our professionals have sufficient experience working actively internationally. 

Our make-up and beauty therapy lecturers are constantly maintained by various artists and specialists in order to provide students with the most up to date industry practices and tendencies.

The beauty and health industry is one of the most promising spheres. It can be applied in SPA-centers, beauty-studios, health centers, airlines and airports, hotels, cruise ships, around the globe. The range of service starts from regular therapy to non-invasive beauty techniques. 

Why you should choose us?

Our Beauty Academy is one of the leading, private educational centers in the UK that is totally focused on make-up and beauty therapy education. 

We truly believe that the best educational experience comes from a collaboration of first-class experts in Permanent Make Up, Micro-blading, Fibroblast treatment, etc.

Offering all-inclusive world-renowned courses we accept students from all different countries of the world.

All our graduates have an opportunity to obtain vital work experience and paid jobs that will bring joy and real profit.

TOP Master Classes and all Workshops are available for our graduates.

Basic Facts and Advantages of joining our Beauty Academy

·         Comfortable location in the best city

·         Sufficient practical experience with clients

·         Significant worldwide status with world-class training

·         The most qualified lecturers in their field of expertise 

·         Learners from across the world

·         High employment opportunities

As long as you are interested in obtaining high-level, professional education that will help you to maintain new skills and modern techniques – it is your chance to join the team of best experts that are the truly recognized authorities willing to help you gain new theoretical and practical knowledge.

Come join us right now.

Get in touch with our managers to get all the necessary information.

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