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Advantages of Choosing a Beauty Business Idea

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Beauty business idea and why you should choose it

Did you know that beauty has blown up to be a £532 billion industry? How do you like the number? Impressive right? The British beauty industry is £17 billion and the number is constantly growing.

Nowadays, the beauty industry is growing faster than ever before. Internet and social media continue to change the way consumers discover new products, engage with brands, and realize the importance of beauty in their life. 

Despite the recession, despite the lockdown, despite the austerity measures, the beauty industry in Britain employs over a million people. From skin peels to non-surgical, from lash-makers to masseuse therapist. 

But why has beauty blossomed and grown as other industries have stuttered and stalled?

Why has beauty been very popular throughout all time?

The answer is simple and very wide at the same time – everyone needs a bit of beauty in their life!

Many people today have their own personal beautician. It is an important and essential person in their life, just like their dentist or doctor. Numerous beauty routine procedures like waxing, plucking, and nails are realized as part of staying healthy, clean, and hygienic.

Moreover, it is a social bonding exercise. Many of us feel a need to present a relatively groomed appearance to the world because it is not just about acceptance; it is about feeling good about ourselves. One way or another, all of us are participants of this sphere: from going to a beauty salon to buying shampoo in the shop.

So, if you want to make people feel good and confident about themselves, if you want them to feel better about themselves, and if you want to have a successful and ecological business, the beauty sphere is the best option.

Let’s take a closer look at this industry and see the details of the business.

What is the best location for providing beauty treatments

You know that location is one of the most important issues for many businesses. The beauty industry is not an exception. Depending on the placement of your salon you can realize how many clients you can have and what kind of procedures you should do. For example, opening a beauty salon on your local high street where you provide the highest level of service that people can trust and rely on, will help you and your salon to become an important part of the community. A personalized experience, getting to know your customers, and combining it with advanced beauty techniques and procedures – is a perfect plan that might work.

Always remember: when it comes to personal treatments that affect our appearance, each and every one of us feels the need to put our trust in a business and in a person. If you provide exceptional customer service, a unique experience, and services that are reasonably priced – be sure that the good word about you will be spread to others in the local area and even wider.

Personalized customer experience

When you own a beauty or cosmetics business, it is your main duty to provide an individual customer experience that sets you apart from your competitors. Having a light talk with customers, giving them a personalized consultation, finding out the exact reason for their problem or issue – will definitely send you multiple referrals making other people want your service.

!!! If a customer has a positive experience in any kind of business, especially in the beauty industry, you can be confident that his/her closest circle of friends will also become your customer.

How to achieve a bespoke service?

1.You can offer each customer instructions on how to use the cosmetics product;

2. You can provide individual consultation on their skin type/hair type etc;

3. You can create a personalized customer experience by making people feel comfortable, offering them something to drink and eat – like coffee and cookie;

It doesn’t just show that you care, but it also shows that you have the experience and expertise to provide high-quality service because all customers value one thing –  genuine advice and a feeling that you are truly listening to them.

This is the fact that will never change.

Several niches at the same time

If you own any beauty or cosmetics business, you can easily target certain niches. As long as you are planning to gain different clients and all of them have different issues and different needs, you can easily launch numerous options for your clients. For example, you can launch make-up and skincare procedures for people who are allergic to certain ingredients, that are vegan or sensitive to the sun. By doing this, you are creating a brand that people will remember when they need specific cosmetics products or one they can recommend to friends who have similar issues finding the right cosmetics.

Use social media: SMM is your main “weapon”  

Social media is now an essential part of our life. Modern consumers of different ages turn to their social networks for everything from beauty tips and product recommendations to makeup tutorials and online purchases. When it comes to choosing which products to buy, flashy ads and swatches no longer hold the influence they once did. Guess where they are looking for other beauty routine procedures – right, in social networks. The sooner you start your own business-page – the sooner you will get more and more clients for your beauty business. 


Do you know what are the three main points in the real estate industry? It’s location, location, location.

The same principle works here. If you choose a location in a place with good traffic you can for sure work with clients that have made a spontaneous decision to have an appointment in a beauty center.

Many customers can make a last-minute haircut or eyebrow wax decision whereas a location on a busy high street or in a bustling shopping center will lead them to you. Yes, it can cost more money for the rent and paying more money to cover the premise’s bills, but you’ll probably make up for it with the passing trade you’ll attract.

And yet again. It all depends on you – once you provide great customer service, your salon will always be full of happy customers.

Do not promise – SHOW your result

Do you have any proves that I, or this guy or anybody else should choose your beauty center among others? What makes you so special and so professional that a client will make a definite decision to go to you. In a way, it also depends on your social media, on how often, and how creative you are in this sphere. In general, there are several ways: product packing, live demonstrations, before and after photos/videos, an offline demonstration in your beauty center, on your website, in adverts, and on social media the difference your products can make. For instance, some high street make-up brands have a display with their different types of mascaras and a picture of how each one will look on the eyelashes. You can use your free space as a window shopper where you can display various beauty products.

Go mobile

Running a hair, beauty, or cosmetics business has lots of advantages and one of the biggest benefits is that you can easily offer mobile services to your clients. What for? Not only you can provide services but also you can sell various beauty products. A mobile app or website or social network can help you with this.  It also gives you more flexibility than just operating a salon. You can work around the globe. Being able to fit your services around your customers’ hectic lives should help to build your professional relationships and increase loyalty to your brand.

Make your clients happy

In the beauty industry, you can help people look and feel good about themselves every day. Owning your own hair business is incredibly rewarding; your customers can walk out feeling like a completely new person with their fresh ‘do’. Lots of people have low self-esteem, and a trip to the salon where they can be pampered can help to feel happier and more confident.

So what do you think now? Are you ready to start your own hair, beauty, or cosmetics business?

Do you find it tempting to dive into the world of beauty?

Check our PMU & Beauty courses to start your way to your own Beauty Business.

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