Diamant Blading Black Advance Training

Join us, be one of the first to get to know the world´s first „Black Diamant Single-Use Tool”.

Due to the new nano-diamond plasma technology we have managed to provide a high quality permanent Make-up eyebrow blading product to the market. But what is the difference compared to other techniques?


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After this training you will be eligible to get insurance – www.abtinsurance.co.uk

Diamant Blading Black Advance Training

The „Black Diamant Single-Use Tool” allows an accurate depth control during the treatment of your customer. The cut is narrower than 0.1mm. This way you can create fine eyebrow lines and won’t scratch the skin at all. The bladed areas will heal off very fast and it is not necessary to sterilize the tool.

This way we can offer you a unique and new training concept. Our main target is to make you successful with this new technology, so that you can build up a thriving business. We will support you in all processes of learning and commercial transactions. We don’t offer group trainings, we qualify our trainees individually. This way you will benefit from it optimally.

What can you specifically expect from us? This offer is only for professional permanent make-up artists and those, who are very well trained in the Microblading technique. You will start your training with an intensive online pre-course. You can start

Diamant Blading Disposable Tool Training will be one day from 10:00am to 17:00pm

Price: 2000£


10:00a.m.- 10.30a.m.

START & welcoming of the students, introduction of the trainer, presentation of the passing (break times, toilets,emergency exit)

10:30a.m.- 11:00a.m.

What is Diamant Blading Eyebrows.

11:00a.m.- 12:00p.m.

Theory: dermatology, contra-indications, hygiene, measures, legal regulations, sterilization (explanation about autoclave). Colour theory/ theory of pigments (basic colours, complementary colours, organic/inorganic), work materials (needles, hand-pieces, consumable supplies /care and follow-up).

12:00p.m.- 13:00p.m.

Eyebrow architecture, explanation of the golden ratio (the Fibonacci formula), students practice on paper, detailed explanation of the work process and the right stretching technique.

13:00p.m.- 13:30p.m.

Lunch time.

13:30p.m.- 14:00p.m.

The trainer demonstrates on the latex skin how to draw Diamant Blading Eyebrows.

14:00p.m.- 15:30p.m.

The trainer demonstrates Diamant Blading effect on a model.

15:30p.m.- 16:30p.m.

Students practice on a model.

16:30p.m.- 17:00p.m.

Discussion about Diamant Blading (the trainer answer for the question).


Presentation of certificate.

On training you will get

  • 10 „Black Diamant” Single-Use Tools (made in Switzerland/EU), each of them are sterile packed.
  • 1 Blade for training on artificial skin (made in Switzerland/EU).
  • 1 „Diamant Blading” Compass.
  • 1 Sketch pen, permitted for permanent Make-up.
  • 6 x „Diamant Blading Organic Eyebrow Pigments” a 16ml (made in Switzerland).
  • 1 x 10 ml „Diamant Blading aftercare oil” (dermatologically tested).
  • 10 x 5ml Aftercare Oil (dermatologically tested).
  • 10 x 5ml Aftercare Cream (dermatologically tested).
  • 1 x 50 ml „Silver Sealer“, seals the skin after the „Diamant Blading“ treatment.
  • One exclusive marketing package for your successful promotion.
  • 6 weeks after sale support and access (at all times) to our „Diamant Blading” Online Member Area.