Thank you for your interest in our Microblading Brows Hair Strokes Entry Level Training. Our training are with a maximum of 2 students per class. During the education we offering free snacks and drinks. After you receiving certificate we will support you in a future and will answer to any questions related to your microblading career within 24 hours. Every student of our Moda Donna Beauty Academy is allowed to use our marketing materials such as Logos, pictures, graphics and other material


This training accredited by 

After this training you will be eligible to get insurance – www.abtinsurance.co.uk

Microblading WOW ​Brows Training For Beginners will be two days from 10:00am to 17:00pm

Price: 1800£


1 day:

Standards in hygiene.
Dermatology (differences in PMU and Microblading).
Contraindications (skin problems, medication).
Eyebrow\Face Architeture.
Golden Ratio Formula.
Practice with golden ratio ruler.
How to make gymmetrical eyebrows.
Technique of quick and accurate pre-sketching.
3D Hairstroke design in 4 different growth directions.
Differences in Caucasian and asian style.
How to avoid often made mistakes.
Practice on latex skin.
Demonstration on model by trainer.

2 day:

Stretching technique (how to stretch without wiping off presketching).
Which is the correct angle for the needle to touch the skin.
How to find the sweet spot for the pigment to last in the skin.
Science of Colour/Pigments.
Hands on Models by every student.

On training you will get

  • 40 hours Pre-study (theory and practice).
  • 2 Intensive training Days.
  • 1 Assessment Day.
  • Free support after training.
  • Special fb group to support.
  • 1 Trouble Shooting Day.
  • Elite Starting Kit (in application form you will find what including in the kit).
  • Certificate accredited by ABT company.
  • Online and Hard marketing tools.
  • WOW Brows manual book.
  • You will learn 5 different draw directions of hair strokes.
  • You will learn 7 steps of formula to make perfect shape (golden ratio formula).
  • Physiology and Anatomy.
  • Hygienic and Sterilisation.
  • Health and Safety.
  • Full Colour Theory.
  • Blood Bourne Viruses.
  • Brows Design.
  • Measuring eyebrows.
  • How to choose the right shape for different face shapes.
  • Hair strokes design.
  • Determination right shape of face, colour of skin, ton and Fitzpatrick.
  • Practice on the latex.
  • Practice on the real models.
  • Demo shows.