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The Most Popular Beauty Treatments To Do and To Perform in 2021

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High-quality facial skin care allows you to keep your skin fresh, taut, preserving your beauty and attractiveness, regardless of age. Modern cosmetology offers many methods to keep the skin in good condition.

In order to ensure procedure’s complete safety and maximum efficiency, it is better to use the services of a beauty salon. Each cosmetologist is allowed to work with clients only after confirming the appropriate qualifications, which minimizes the risk of complications after the procedure. In addition, salons often use equipment that is not available for home use.

1. Facials and Deep Cleansing Procedures

Facials are the most popular treatments clients choose to do in beauty salons for many years. In modern clinics, three types of facials are practiced the most: mechanical, ultrasonic (using a special machine) and combined. The choice of one or another type is carried out by the cosmetologist individually in accordance with the characteristics of the skin and its condition. Facial cleansing is often combined with masks and facial massage, the type of which is also selected by a specialist depending on skin problems. 

This procedure allows you to get rid of dead skin cells, removes sebaceous secretions, makes the face radiant and youthful. If the pores are enlarged, blackheads are often formed. The most affordable option for removing them is manually using a special tool. It is good even for teenage age skin. Atraumatic cleansing using hardware cosmetology allows you to normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands. The use of ultrasonic waves is also in high demand: they warm up the deep layers of the skin, improve metabolism, and remove all impurities.

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2. Chemical Peel

Over the past decade, chemical peels have become part of the minimum skin care program for all skin types. The difference after several treatments is visible to the eye, and home care products immediately begin to work and absorb better, as if acid exfoliation increases the skin’s permeability to active ingredients. In fact, it is. So what is this procedure, chemical peeling, and how is it useful for the skin?

Chemical peel is an intensive exfoliation of the stratum corneum of the epidermis. While we are young, the skin gets rid of “dead” cells on its own, but after 25-30 years, keratinization processes gradually intensify. Then acids come to the rescue. Peeling is used in cosmetology for another reason – it gives a consistently good result for the skin with various aesthetic problems, whether it is a fossa after chickenpox or black spots (pores clogged with a mixture of sebum and keratinized cells).

A chemical peel made of a high acid lotion, performed in a salon or clinic by a qualified beautician, is less traumatic than mechanical cleaning of the face, and faster than acid products intended for home use.

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3. Permanent Makeup

Permanent make-up is a cosmetic procedure of injecting a special pigment into the upper layers of the skin. This pigment is able to give natural brightness and saturation to lips, eyebrows and eyes.

Many people mistakenly believe that permanent makeup and tattooing are the same procedure. However, the procedures are fundamentally different from each other:

  • The pigment that is injected during permanent make-up has a glycerin base, while alcohol is used for tattooing.
  • Permanent make-up is injected into the dermis to a deeper level of 1–1.5 mm, permanent make-up involves the introduction of color to a depth of 0.8 mm.
  • Permanent makeup has brighter pigments, permanent makeup uses natural colors.
  • Gradually, the color of the permanent make-up dissolves, after 3-5 years it disappears altogether, while the permanent make-up disappears forever.
  • Disposable instruments are used during the permanent make-up procedure. Tattooing is performed using a special machine with replaceable sterilized attachments.
  • Permanent makeup is considered to be less painful than tattooing.

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4. Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is perhaps the fastest and most effective of all the existing methods of getting rid of unnecessary hair forever. The duration of the procedure depends on where exactly you want to remove unwanted hair. So, for example, the upper lip zone only takes 10-12 minutes, the bikini area – 10-15 minutes, and so on. The maximum processing time for the legs – can go up to 1 hour.

Of course, the effect of absolutely smooth and delicate skin is not achieved immediately. This can be explained. When the laser beam passes through the hair, the cells containing melanin are heated, and the subsequent destruction of the hair follicle occurs. In this case, the skin is not damaged, but slightly heats up and then quickly cools down. Laser hair removal allows you to remove only those hairs that have grown by 3-5 mm and are visible on the surface, we say that they are in the phase of active growth. But there are always “sleeping” hair follicles that enter the growth phase after the procedures, therefore, to completely remove unwanted hair, several sessions are required. So how many procedures do you need to completely remove unwanted hair? The answer to this question is very individual. Someone needs from 1 to 3 procedures, someone may need 6 to 10 sessions.

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5. Beauty Injections (Anti-Age Injections & Dermal Fillers)

In cases where other methods are powerless, cosmetologists recommend more serious methods of maintaining the beauty. Beauty injections help not only fight age-related manifestations, but also achieve aesthetic goals. The most demanded services in this kind of cosmetology are contour plastics and botulinum therapy. Contour plastics allows to improve face lines through the injection of collagen, hyaluronic acid and other fillers, while the botulinum therapy helps to smooth wrinkles with the help of botulinum toxin injection.

One of the most popular filler procedures is Lips Augmentation. This procedure is very popular, does not cause complications and is used everywhere. With its help, you can improve the contour of the lips, make them symmetrical and more voluminous. For lip augmentation, fillers that are “fill” the lips from the inside. The most effective and safe are injections based on hyaluronic acid. They are inserted by injection, which does not require complex preparation and does not take much time. At the same time, patients do not need to stay in the clinic for a long period.

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6. Body Sculpting (Cryolipolysis, Pressotherapy, Anti Cellulite (Vacuum) Massage)

The body can be corrected both through surgery and through cosmetology. However, most people give their preference to cosmetology. 

Cryolipolysis is one of the safest and most effective methods used to remove localized fat by freezing it. During the cryolipolysis method, fat tissue (skin and fatty fold) is placed between special applicators, after which it is gradually (within an hour) cooled to 5 degrees Celsius. With gradual cooling in the cells of adipose tissue (adipocytes), the transition of lipid inclusions (fats) from a liquid to a solid form occurs. Crystallization of fats is an inevitable process, because their melting point is at the level of 17 – 20 degrees, and at a lower temperature, lipids acquire a crystalline structure.

Vacuum massage is one of the most effective methods of massage to fight cellulite. Its principle of action is based on creating pressure inside the special cans, which helps to increase blood flow in tissues and skin, increase tone, and eliminate toxins. One of the main advantages of massage is its targeted effect on almost all problem areas of the body and the minimum number of contraindications. The advantages of this method include the painlessness of the procedure, the absence of side effects, as well as the achievement of a stable result in a short period of time. Vacuum massage performed on muscles and tendons causes significant relaxation.

Pressotherapy (or lymphatic drainage) is an apparatus massage that uses compressed air. It from the special machine into a special suit. It can affect both the whole body and individual parts: arms, legs, lower back, abdomen. The device has special software for adjusting the intensity and time of pressure. The patient does not feel any discomfort or pain during the procedure, on the contrary, heat spreads through the body and the muscles relax. It is interesting that Pressotherapy was originally created for the treatment of varicose veins. It strengthens vascular walls well and normalizes blood flow in the extremities.

Pressotherapy is effective for cellulite, weight loss, and loose skin. This technique is often prescribed after trauma, stroke, surgery, and joint problems. According to research data, one session of such massage replaces several manual procedures or 2 workouts in the gym. This technique is ideal for people who are sedentary, overweight, and malnourished.

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