The world’s new product for permanent eyebrows make-up called “Diamant Blading” even brings the technique pigmenting a big step forward, so that the permanent make-up of the eyebrow will look as as natural as possible.


The „Diamant Blading“ method is a very easy technique for preparing the surface of the skin. After scratching a 0,2mm thin line into the skin with a real cut diamond, the fine lines of permanent eyebrow make-up look very accurate and natural. By working with this new technique a whole range of new eyebrow creations are possible. Each hair of the eyebrow looks so natural and it doesn’t seem like permanent make-up at all. Another advantage of this new technique is the healing of the skin. The skin heals very fast and the color pigments do not become blurred inside the skin. This way each line of the Hairstroke looks very natural, has a fine structure with a with razor-sharp definition, after it is healed.

A cut diamond is really very sharp. There´s nothing comparable to it. For this reason safety is very important. In order not to cut too deep into the skin, the instrument can exactly be set with three different kinds of adjustments. These nuances are located within the range of micrometers. This way we are able to work safely, can avoid discrepancies of the hairstrokes and the skin of our customers won´t be harmed either.


The “Diamant Blading”-tool has a length of 15cm, weighs about 50g and looks very classy. The instrument is made of titan and on its tip a real cut diamond is placed. Similar to a pen, the diamond can be plunged into the hand piece. This protects the diamond during the time not being used.


During the work with the “Diamant Blader” only certified color pigments will be put onto the skin. After using the “Diamant Blader”, the color can be rubbed into the skin. The result is very natural look of the eyebrows.


The “Diamant Blading” permanent make-up is distinguished by the fact, that at first sight it can’t be recognised as permanent make-up.


EYEBROWS (finest hair stroke & very natural effect / 3D eyebrows, 6D eyebrows, hair by hair, shadow effect) With 1 Refill


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