MODA DONNA BEAUTY CLINIC medical tourism department cooperating with the best clinics which offer top-class healthcare in the Lithuania. We are partnered with the best cosmetic surgery and infertility professionals in the country, offering the highest level of care and excellent results to ensure full gratification. Our goal is to make clients feel comfortable in the most intimate environment. Moda Donna cooperates with many clinics focused on various medical treatments. Our partnered cosmetic surgery clinic was founded in 2009, initially as one of the biggest and best equipped laser medicine centres. 

A team consisting of top specialists in more than twenty fields is ready to provide various forms of help, aesthetic and day surgery, dentistry and well being services, and give advice on health and beauty care. 

The experience and qualifications of plastic surgery specialists, coupled with state-of-the-art medical equipment and the latest global recommendations, ensure the best possible results. Even more importantly, they ensure the safety of our patients.

A warm and caring staff, attentive care and a cozy environment relieve tension and stress, creating psychological comfort that stimulates recovery. The team’s skills and the quality of services provided have been appreciated by patients from Denmark, England, and other European countries.

Time to time one of the most talented and experienced doctors are coming to Moda Donna Beauty Clinics to consult and to do some treatments for UK clients.

VYGINTAS KAIKARIS, MD, PHD Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Education, Training, and Positions

1991 Graduated from former Kaunas Medical Academy (recently Lithuanian University of Health Sciences)

1994 Completed residency in General Surgery

1996 Completed residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

1994-1996 General surgeon at the Hospital of former Kaunas University of Medicine

1996-present Plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

2005 Obtained a medical license of plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Sweden

2009 Earned his PhD at former Kaunas University of Medicine



1996 Red Cross Hospital, Vilnius University

1999 Ghent University Hospital, Belgium

2000 Park-Klinik Hospital, German

2002 Otto-von-Guericke University Hospital, Germany

2004 Rigshospital, Denmark

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