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My name is Olga Mankovskaia and I am a founder of Moda Donna Beauty Academy, based in London.
Certified and qualified international master and trainer of Permanent Makeup. I have over 8 years’ experience of working in beauty industry.
Official trainer/distributor for German company “WOWbrows’’ Microblading method and the only one trainer/distributor for unique Diamond Blading and Easy Cut in United Kingdom.
Through all years of my work experience i had attended and successfully completed more than 40 PMU trainings all over the world. Also completed:
NVQ Level 2 & 3 in Beauty Therapy Studies;
NVQ Level 3 in Assessing Vocational Achievement;
NVQ Level 4 in Advanced Beauty Therapy.
I developed a special training material and program from which my students learning at the academy.
,,Combo Brows’’, ,,Velour Lips’’ and Eyeliner Eyeshadow in ,,Colour touch’’ – I have created my own unique methods to create these techniques.
My all Permanent Makeup courses are certified and accredited by ABT insurance company in United Kingdom and abroad.
My goal – prepare you to become professional Permanent Makeup artist and have the opportunity to start your carrier in beauty industry.
I’m here to teach you of providing a high-quality treatment and achieving best results with my help and support.
I will be pleased to see you in Moda Donna Beauty Academy.

My name is Karolina Vilmane and I am a founder at Lash Zone, based in London. I have been doing eyelash extensions for the past five years, and now over that period of time i have developed my very own concept, vision and individual techniques. As i am very ambitious and I wanted to become best technician on a market, I’ve done advanced courses with:
The beauty Academy – Foundation course in eyelash extension
Lash Harmony – Advanced technique of Russian volume eyelash extensions
Sophie training centre – Perfect Russian Volume eyelash extensions
Sophie training centre – “Lash-to-Lash” technique
Lashes VIS A VIS – Mega volume
Lashes VIS A VIS – Asian eyelid technique in eyelash extensions
Anna Agarkova – Perfect Russian volume
IskusnyhLAsh school – completed online marathon “Perfect Look – working with asymmetry”
Margarita Trofimova – online webinar – secrets of work with L and M curl
IQ Malinina – online webinar – Russian volume technique adoption to tweezers
Luxury Lashes by NAtalyaMorozova – online webinar Russian volume techniques
MAdlen beauty – Kim K and Flash effect secrets
Dalila Lashes – Henna eyebrow modelling
Lash Inc Academy – Lash Educator diploma
Moda donna beauty academy – Micropigmentation course
And that gave me confidence to show my skills and compete in the following competitions:
Lash Battle 2017 – 1st place in Classic technique
Lash Battle 2017 – 3rd place in 2D Russian volume
Lash Social UK – 1st place in Russian volume experts category
Participation in Baltci Beauty LAsh&Brow conference 2018
Lash Inc Academy – Accreditation and verification

Talented Beauty Therapist and skilled Tutor and Assessor with more than 8 years of experiences in the beauty industry. Area of expertise include :

  • Level 2 & 3 in Beauty Therapy Studies
  • Level 3 in Thai Massage
  • Level 2 & 3 in Hairdressing Studies
  • Level 3 in Assessing Vocational Achievement
  • Level 4 in Advanced Beauty Therapy
  • Certificate Data Protection In The Workplace
  • Certificate of Microneedling
  • Certificate of Intensive Acid Skin Peeling and other a wide range of courses.

Beauty Lecturer teaching all knowledge and understanding in both Theory and Practical lessons in Level 2, 3 and 4 Beauty Therapy ( NVQ&VRQ), short courses Microneedling, Chemical Peel, Microdermabrasion, Online Courses and Sale courses. She combinate discipline plan with effective measures and various lesson plan to increase concentration, participation and progress student accountability. Her passion for work with strong interpersonal skills and knowledges are reflected in our students with positive feedback.

Qualify as a Beauty Therapist and it’s your choice where you want to work in the UK and internationally!

Laima Maya is a highly skilled and passionate holistic therapist.

She is a massage therapist and Hatha yoga teacher registered in Yoga Alliance and Federation of Holistic Therapists. She is also professor (PhD) of psychology.

Laima’s interest in yoga came through her psychology studies and later psychology teaching at university. Whilst teaching her students self-control and emotional management, she noticed that modern psychology does not give all the answers. Therefore, she began to seek wisdom in more than 3000 years of experience-based science – Yoga and Ayurveda.

She has been able to take the 30 years of influences of many teachings, rituals and traditions and apply them into her yoga practice. She has a keen interest in Ayrveda Therapy, Meditation, Rebirthing, Breathing and Sound Healing. Sound healing with singing Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, Shamanic drums and koshi bells is always incorporated at the end of the yoga lessons in order to make the client’s bodies more relaxed after activities in asanas.

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