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Beauty Academy Privacy Policy

The student assures:

1. Not to dispose of the training documents to third parties or to pass it and conduct training with the content and the script of the training.

2. To have taken personal responsibility upon acceptance of the starter kit, as well as to ensure the necessary standards of hygiene in the handling of the instruments and in the workplace and on customers

Contravention of section 1 of this is subject to a penalty of £ 30,000.

If any provision of this policy or the pending school rules are or become invalid, this will be replaced or supplemented by effective and reasonable in accordance with suitable formulations. All other provisions of this policy shall remain unaffected and retain their effectiveness.

School Rules:

The school regulations manage the contractual provisions between the trainer and the student. The payment of training and the completion of 18 years of age is required for admission. Should training be cancelled, for example, due to a small number of participants, a new date will be announced within 4 weeks. The reservation for the student persists.

 If course dates by the organizer or by preventing lecturers are cancelled or fail unexpectedly, that can be done without timely notification to the participant, the relevant date will be rescheduled. Other obligations incurred by the organizer. The workshop/training fees are promptly payable at maturity. A delay in payment of more than 20 days causes the immediate maturity of the remaining debt.

The student commits himself to keep known data and facts relating to the personal rights/privacy of other training participants inside, trainers, employees and so on.

 The student is committed with his behaviour to help ensure that the workshop/training and the lessons run smoothly.

A cancellation can only be made for an important reason. The student hereby acknowledges that a termination/cancellation and/or non-perception of the course dates do not release from payment of tuition fees and/or any refund of already paid fees. The class can be rescheduled accordantly.

The trainer and its employees shall be exempted from any liability, such as theft, accidents or damage occurring during the training operation as well as on the trip to the training location.


Students are required to wear clean uniform hair should be tied back during school hours.

Academy  etiquette

We ask that you arrive at the clinic at least 15 minutes early for your course so that you are relaxed and ready for your course at the planned time.

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