Artūras Šalaševičius

A woman’s visit to a gynaecologist with issues of a very personal nature is a small feat in itself. People often think that they’re the only ones facing these problems. In evaluating that trust, mutual understanding and the environment where the interaction takes place is very important. The art of listening and understanding is the first step towards solving the problem. The knowledge that no concern will go unnoticed makes it easier for women to make the decision to contact a specialist.

“Subtlety and confidentiality” is my main credo.

2000 Traineeship at Tübingen University Böblingen Hospital (Germany);

2003 TOT: Surgical Repair of Urinary Incontinence (Paris, France).

2005 Techniques and Possibilities for Direct Restorations, Assoc. Prof. Dr S. Radlinsky (Kaunas, Lithuania);

2006 Composite Layering Techniques: How to Achieve Invisible Restorations, Modern Endodontics (Kaunas, Lithuania);

2007 International Dental Congress (Druskininkai, Lithuania);

2008 Endodontics 2008 (Vilnius, Lithuania);

2009 15th Anniversary Conference of the Odontologist Society (Druskininkai, Lithuania);

2009–2010 Innovations and Current Issues in Dental Practice (Palanga, Lithuania);

2011 Cosmetic Restoration of Anterior and Molar Teeth with Composites and Glass Ionomers, Dr V. Vilkinis, Prevention, Early Diagnostics, and Minimal Invasion (Druskininkai, Lithuania).

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Name: Artūras Šalaševičius

Phone: + 800 123 45 67

Speciality Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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