Ramūnas Mickevičius

Medicine and monotony are incompatible: every day is different and every patient’s history is unique. Our work is interesting, varied and full of surprises. We interact with patients who have different characters and needs. Sincerity, attentiveness, trust, understanding, assistance and respect are particularly important for both patients and colleagues so that patients are happier that the services that we provide them with meet their expectations and wishes. In addition, it is important that science and practice go hand in hand, so lifelong learning is a must.

1988 Graduated from Kaunas Medical Institute;

1991 Completed surgery residency;

1991–present Urologist at the Kauno Klinikos Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Hospital;

2005 Awarded the Doctor of Medicine;

2010–present Urologist at Grožio Chirurgija Clinic.

1994 Traineeship at Bergen University Hospital (Norway);

1996 Traineeship at Kristianstad Hospital (Sweden);

1997 Traineeship at Bergen University Hospital (Norway);

1998 Traineeship at Bergen University Hospital (Norway);

1999 Traineeship at Bergen University Hospital (Norway);

2001 Traineeship at Kristianstad Hospital (Sweden);

1994 Traineeship at Dresden University Hospital (Germany).

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Name: Ramūnas Mickevičius

Phone: + 800 123 45 67

Speciality MD, PhD, Urology

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