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Microblading Brows (Hair Strokes + Shading)

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4 Days


4 Live Models


INCLUDED (value £550)

22nd of April 2024 Microblading Brows (Hair Strokes & Shading)
3 Places left

Microblading Brows Hair Strokes

This provides a soft, natural look, with the effect of ultra-fine, delicate hair strokes that blend seamlessly with natural brow hair. Whether your own brows are light in colour, thin due to ageing or plucking or absent altogether, the hair stroke technique creates a natural brow effect.





3 Days


4 Live Models


INCLUDED (value £550)


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Course Benefits

  • You are getting free support after the training and a 1 Trouble Shooting Day to sort out problems that may occur in you permanent make up career;
  • You will get an opportunity to work in a real treatment room and to perform practice on a LIVE MODEL.


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-40 hours Pre-study (theory and practice);
-Intensive training Days;
-Assessment Day;
-Free support after training;
-Special Facebook group for further support;
-1 Trouble Shooting Day;
-Certificate accredited by ABT company;
-Online and Hard marketing tools;
-WOW Brows manual book;
-Physiology and Anatomy;
-Hygienic and Sterilisation;
-Health and Safety;
-Full Colour Theory;
-Blood Born Viruses;
-Brows Design;
-How to choose the right shape for different types of face shapes;
-Determination of the right skin colour, tone and Fitzpatrick;
-Practice on the latex;
-Working with live models;
-Demo shows from the trainer.

– Fast Track course;
– Work for yourself at home or mobile;
– Work in a beauty salon;
– Get paid very well (For example, for one procedure length of 2- 3 hours you can get  aprx. £300);- Become an instructor;
– Take place in Permanent Make Up Conferences;
– Become a speaker;
– Create your own school of Permanent Make Up.

Pay in full:
Cash/Card: £1999

Or apply for one of the finance options:

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Humm provides a seamless interest-free payment platform with repayment options from 10 weeks up to 60 months.

A good level of spoken and written English

You will finish the course with an internationally recognized ABT diploma which will allow you to take an insurance to work with Permanent Make Up at home or salon that own a VTCT qualification.

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